Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Training Log: Jan6-12

Mon - Easy ride (17km)
Tue - Football (PM)
Wed - Rest
Thu - 5k easy (AM); Football (PM)
Fri - Rest
Sat - Long ride (56km); Strength training afternoon
Sun - Maffetone Run (9km); Ave HR 134

The company football club tryouts started last week so no quality run/bike workouts last week (except for the long ride). I wanted to be in the team but I also wanted out as I hoped to concentrate on duathlons. The muscle pains that I experienced the morning after the football practices showed that this 40-yr old body may not be suitable for contact sports anymore. Although I passed the tryout's 1st cut, there will be another one in several weeks. I'll probably get cut off by then anyway so I'll just enjoy the crossfit-like training that I'm getting every Tues and Thurs evenings.

Of note last week would be last Sunday's Maffetone run wherein average pace improved from 8:19/km the previous week to 7:40/km. Average HR (134) was somewhat the same so this was a good result in terms of aerobic improvement.

This week will be interesting as I might hire a coach to improve my run/bike pace. Yup, after several years of being self-coached, I may surrender to hiring someone to get a better look at how I train. Self-coaching is good but it could get you only up to a certain level that only you see. It may be better to get an extra pair of eyes to check if what I'm doing is right. I'll meet up with him this Thurs evening so let's see how that turns out.

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