Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Looking Good So Far

A few weeks before the end of first quarter 2016 and based on my Trainingpeaks PmC chart for all workouts, I'm progressing quite nicely:

red line indicating the CTL progress so far for 1Q 2016

My CTL has increased by almost 13 points from Jan1 to Mar9 ---a small but positive result in terms of my build up for the season. It could've been more if not for the 4-5 weeks of no indoor riding (no Sufferfest) due to a problem I encountered with my indoor trainer (had to wait for the replacement part from eBay which took weeks to arrive). This was also due to my lack of long rides on Saturdays (Camp Aguinaldo is now closed to bikers and riders, and Nuvali is sooooooo so far).

I am hoping to increase my CTL to the 50+ levels (or even 60) by the succeeding weeks which will make me (somehow) ready for my first duathlon in April (Phil Dua Leg2 which is a 6-30-4 affair).

The plan is to progressively increase the following:

  1. Long rides
  2. Long runs
  3. Run intensities (speedwork, tempos)
Thanks to TheSufferfest videos I am able to have adequate high intensity rides on the weekdays so that won't be much of a concern.

My Monday evening boxing workouts have also helped to the increase (about 50 TSS per week) which has become my cross training of choice. However, I've also started going into HIIT workouts whenever I have the chance/energy to do so in the evenings especially after a lot of eating.

Speaking of eating, my weight is still a problem as I'm still 12-13lbs over my target. Let's hope that this blog post somehow puts me back on the diet horse and lose the unnecessary pounds.

Ho hum....