Saturday, October 18, 2014

Training Update (or the lack of it)

Yup, still here. Training.

Training on my runs and rides have been well, alright, although my TP PM chart shows otherwise:

If my former coach saw this, he would be greatly dejected

The decline in fitness is very obvious (red line) since deciding to go back to self-coaching last August. I've been trying hard to get it all back but it's been difficult, with various excuses led mainly by laziness (ugh!). I'm still hoping to get all that back before my next duathlon on Nov9 in Nuvali which is my last duathlon for the year.

Unfortunately the National Duathlon Championships in Subic, THE A-race that I was preparing for all year, got canceled as per TRAP updates. It was a real bummer but then I just decided to focus on the Nuvali duathlon next month which, incidentally, has the same standard duathlon distance as Subic's. Hopefully all goes well in my training until then.


In place of the canceled Subic dua, I am thinking of joining December's Milo Finals under the 21k category. I've been running 16-18k on weekends, although inconsistently, so that's a good target to set to cap off 2014. I haven't run a Milo race since 2012 and my last half marathon was Oct 2013 so this should be fun. A sub-2:30 will be a modest target for that.


My birthday's next week so a bike upgrade should be acceptable. Right now I am inclined to replace my 2yr old bike frame which has served me well but purchasing a time-trial bike to support me in duathlon races is also a good option. Either way, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming purchase.

That's all for now.