Friday, February 6, 2015

Still Here

Yup, still here.

Training has been better compared to late last year with my TP CTL now between 46-47. It's still a long way to go than where I was mid last year but I'm getting there. Mixing my training with family and work stuff has been ok somewhat, with me having to give up the planned workout for the day at times when more important matters need to be prioritized. But I still make it a point to recover for it in the succeeding days.

2015 kicked off to a good start as January reflected a 1500+ total TSS, which was somewhere between my Sept and Oct 2014 totals. Elevation gain was improved as well as the popular Antipolo climb has been a regular route on Saturday morning rides.

That long weekend when Pope Francis came was when the family went to Subic. The wife and kids like it there and so do I (grin) as I logged back to back hard workouts: a 65km ride up to Morong with mostly hard climbs, and a 5-24 brick the next day. Lovin' Subic, yeah!

Instagram pics from that 65km (enjoyable?) elevation-packed ride


I had to send one of my two cars for repairs which took almost 2 weeks. As my wife used the other, I took the opportunity to try the #BikeToWork gig for about 4 or 5 days which I loved. It was about 10km from the house to the office so I got a good workout and saved on travel time as a bonus. The car's fixed but I still hope to bike to work if I get the opportunity. Nothing like weaving thru the morning rush hour traffic and cutting my travel time in half.


I'm still about 7-8 lbs away from my best weight so it's still a challenge shying away from lunch outs, pasta/pancit office meriendas, and weekend pig outs. Good thing the office department started the annual Biggest Loser contest which I hope motivates me to control my eating. Let's see on the final weigh-in by early April if I'm able to get it back to normal.


I've registered for two races. First will be the Financial Fitness Run 10k on Feb22 as I want to get some speed back in my legs. A sub-60 would be great but I doubt it with the condition that I'm in. But let's see if I can pull off a miracle. The second race will be the March15 duathlon in Nuvali. It's a short one (4-25-4) but it's a good early gauge to help me adjust for the rest of the year's races.

Hoping to have a PR-beating season this year so I'm hoping that I constantly train when I have the time and not let laziness and overeating rule the day. A half-marathon is in the wishlist. Depending on how I perform there, a journey back to the full-mary game *might* be a possibility.

See you around!