Monday, April 9, 2018

Missing Duathlon Races

I will unfortunately miss these upcoming duathlons as conflicting family events need to be prioritized:

- Apr8 Clark Dua Classic
- Apr29 Phil Dua Leg2
- May6 Clark Global City Dua

Such is the predicament of us age groupers who aren't like our pro/elite counterparts who race for a living. Family is on top of everything else which is what it should be.

Just miss the dua racing atmosphere though.


Racing duas may have to wait a little while longer. I will probably try to squeeze a 10k or 21k run race this month on a free weekend to keep my running pace in check (10k) and to condition myself for Milo 21k.

In parallel I am still following my Trainerroad plan to improve my cycling, switching to a twice a week plan since I would rather ride outside on weekends. This has been working slowly but surely in terms of CTL improvement.

I think by the 2nd half of this year I may be in a good condition to try racing Powerman full ---something that I have been contemplating to race for sometime now. But nothing definite yet as the Natl Dua Championships is scheduled a few weeks after it. Yup, I may have to end up choosing only one of these.

If the (dua) itch needs to be scratched soon, then the next available (and probable) one that I can reg for will have to be Duaman Nuvali on May20. It's short compared to Powerman or standard dua distance, but it'll help condition me in getting used to dua race environment again.

We'll see....