Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 is ON!

2016 training has been good so far as I have managed to get back to the 40 TSS level. It's still a far cry from my 'kundisyon' days when I peaked at 70 TSS. Things that have aided me since the start of the year:

1. Boxing. I signed up with the nearby Penalosa Boxing gym at a good rate. A 1 hour session costs 200.00 for members and 300.00 for non members. The workout gives a good burn and fun too as I try my dorkiest best to imitate Pacquiao. It's a good cross training from my usual runs and rides.

2. Nuvali. Although not often (yet), Saturday mornings are reserved for brief rides at Nuvali. A good 2 hour ride there at moderate to tempo intensities gives me around 150 to 180 TSS.

3. Myfitnesspal. Yup, back to calorie counting to aid me in getting back in racing shape. Losing weight is tough, especially with the extra 10lbs I gained last year. So I hope to religiously log my calorie intake and burn daily to make me conscious of what I eat.

That's all for now. Just trying out this Blogaway Android app which should help me blog more often.

Now go train!