Monday, April 30, 2012

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Training Week 2 of 16 Recap (Apr16-22)

RT @JoshCox: Doing something only when you feel like it is a foolproof formula for failure. Passion isn’t enough, talent isn’t enough.Commit to the work.

Week 2 was successful in terms of following the program. Ran "only" thrice since my family and I went for a vacation in beautiful Bohol. I had a successful long run last week as described in my last post so I hope to get a similar result this week when I'm supposed to run 27k.

Monday - 4x800m with 2min rest (plus warmup/cooldown)
Wednesday - 8k tempo run at target 6:45/km marathon pace (plus warmup/cooldown)
Thursday (night) - 24km long run
Sunday - 34min mountain-bike ride at Panglao island's roads. Miles unknown but I had a great time hammering on the bike.

TOTAL km = 42km


My next race is the I Run For Integrity 15k on May 6th. I ran the 2011 10k version of this and the overall race organization was ok. No plan on my pace target for this one but I'm supposed to run 32k as my long run for that week. Crazy plan would be to make a blast on the 15k race (try to beat my 2010 1:35 PR) and do a relaxed 17k jog after.

We'll see.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Love the Long Run

The hardest part of this marathon training is the long run. I can go thru the speedwork and tempo runs with ease. But not the long run. The part that I don't like is the latter part of the run. Those last 4-5kms wherein the sun is shining brightly, my hydration bottles have run out, as I struggled for form between walk breaks. I'm really a poor sight, be it training long runs or during the latter part of a full marathon.

This week I needed to do a 24km long run. My family have vacation plans this weekend and the wife had specific instructions for me:

"No running in Bohol while we're there."

Of course, I needed some R&R and quality time with the wife and 2 kids so I have to oblige. No biggie, I thought, since I'll just move my long run on a weekday. The problem is that I normally leave the house for work at around 8:15-8:30am so that means waking up 3-4 hours earlier (assuming I finish 24k in 3hours).

Now I need my sleep as much as the next guy so I resorted to doing this run differently: I'm gonna run this at night.

In the UP 2.2km Oval.

Yup, for approximately 11 rounds I'll try to complete 24km.


I was able to get help from @Dagulrunner (who's running his first T2N ultra next month) to help with my hydration by way of providing an ice chest so I can put in my Gatorade and water there.

I wore my Brooks Pureflows but cautiously used thin socks so as not to flare up another PF issue on my right foot.

By 8pm I parked at Abelardo Hall (after munching on Drive Thru Burger Mcdo meal). After a brief chat with @Dagulrunner and his gang, I got myself ready and went off for my 24km run.

The target pace was 7:13/km but I decided not to follow it. Just see how I do this at easy pace but not bringing myself slower than 8:00/km. There were lots of runners and walkers around the oval at this time (8:30pm) so I was happy to have the company.

I went for my hydration stop every 2 rounds (or every 4.4k). The ice cold water and Gatorade helped refresh me to continue, add to that the cool weather that the evening provided. An officemate was able to run with me for 2 rounds so the good conversation throughout the run helped me forget about keeping track of the miles.

By 60 minutes I was averaging 7:30/km which was not bad at all. By the 2nd hour I was happy to see that I was still that same pace, even though the uphill climb of the oval started to bother my pace since I was averaging 7:40-7:50/km at that point but breaking it even by the downward segment (7:20-7:30/km).

At this time I was expecting PF issues on my right foot but it didn't surface since, probably, I was able to consciously keep quick leg turnover so as not to have my foot on the ground for long and a conscious effort to keep track of my hydration and nutrition (although I only used 1 gel which was at km12).

The last round was hard but I knew that I'll be able to finish it, probably because I didn't want to put @Dagulrunner's support efforts for naught. The guy and his gang were still there until the end of my run for support.

I was the only one running the oval at this time, with the company of skateboarders cruising down the road at adrenalin-pumped pace.

By 11:30pm, I saw 24kms on my Garmin and called it a night. At 7:33/km average, I didn't meet my pace goal but I was very pleased with having finished the distance at a very comfortable, easy pace. I guess without the morning heat I was able to run better with the cool evening weather.

Of course, the goal by race day is run at 6:45/km pace so I will really need to step up and obey the target pace for my long run workouts.

Nevertheless, I'll probably do the rest of my long runs for marathon #4 this way.


At the UP oval.

With ice-cold hydration on the ready.

Looks better in the daytime, but definitely cooler to run at night
Yup, I guess I'm starting to love long runs.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Training Week 1 of 16 Recap (Apr9-15)

As in my last post, my training for marathon #4 has been reset to last week.

Recap as below:

Monday - 1k repeats

This workout, supposedly for week4, was done before I had to reset my training. Still got a good workout from this one as I managed 5x1km at 6:05, 5:53, 5:54, 5:54, and 6:07 with 400m rest per interval.

Rested on Tues and Wed since I ran 3 days continously prior.

Thursday - Tempo Run

3k warmup. 3k at 6:03/km target (6:22, 6:00, 5:53). 3km cooldown.

Friday - Easy Run

6km in 47mins. I was on Maffetone pace mode during this run. Ave HR 126, max 140. Happy to have put my average HR below 142 (my Maffetone pace).

Saturday - Long Run

21km long run in 2:43 wherein 14km was with my officemate/running buddy. The sun was up as I ran from 6am to 9am. Terribly hot so I doused my head, chest and arms with water frequently to keep me cool. I didn't meet the 7:04/km target pace but still glad to have finished the run. I was even able to make 7:00-ish/km pace on km17 and 18 but succumbed to walk breaks the rest of the way until the finish. Still, glad to have completed the required distance.


Good news: the plantar fasciitis on my right foot has healed. It seems that replacing my office shoes' worn out insoles did the trick (weird isn't it?). Further, I didn't encounter PF pain in my long run last week since I wore thin socks with my Brooks Pureflows. I'll try to remember that for my long run this week which is probably gonna be on Thursday night at UP Oval (24km).

Following these PF exercises from helped heal my PF as well:

Bad news: pain in my left knee is acting up again. It's probably due to the high pace demands of this training plan. I read in the Runnersworld forums that most of those who tried the FIRST training plan found it too difficult to follow in terms of pace ---same experience as mine. No biggie since I'll probably just follow the long run distance and not the pace requirement until the last quarter of the training. For my left knee, it's time to go back to my VMO exercises to hopefully alleviate it.

Training continues this week....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Now on my 4th week of training for marathon #4, the Milo Manila Elims, the long runs have been a disaster in terms of trying to meet the target pace (week 1 & 2) and target distance (week 3).

After reading's FB update last night and confirmed by Kulitrunner's latest post, I got myself a reprieve: the Milo Manila Elims is scheduled on July 29 and not July 08 as I earlier guessed.

This resets my entire 16-week training program to begin this week (originally started March 15th). I felt elated that my supposed 32km long run this weekend (which I was not really that excited to do) has been reduced to 21km since I'm back to week #1 this week.

Thank goodness for second chances.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April2-8: Training Week 3 of 16

I did a lot last week in terms of fitness (took only 1 rest day), but came short in 2 of 3 key workouts for marathon #4.


Easy 5km run around the neighborhood. Strapped my HR monitor after a long while and ran this one well below Maffetone HR pace (ave 120-125 HR). Pace was slow as predicted as total elapsed time was 43 minutes.

Tuesday - Key Workout #1

I was at the Philsports Oval around lunch time (same as last week) for a ladder interval workout. 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 with 200m rest intervals. I only managed down to 800 since the lunch time heat pressed heavily on me. Decided to cut the workout short for fear of heat stroke. Yup, I guess I'm not ready for BDM or even T2N ultras.

Wednesday - Weights workout

I've been doing this short circuit workout for three consecutive Wednesdays now. I got it from an old issue of Men's Health that has 8 weight exercises that can be completed in 10-15minutes. This is advantageous especially for a family man like me that has limited time before going to the office. I was able to do 2 rounds.

Thursday - Key Workout #2

Tempo run. 1.5km warmup. 8k at target 6:21/km long-tempo pace. 1.5km cooldown. I was able to nail this workout around the neighborhood, clocking near the target pace during the tempo leg. I guess it's safe to say that my favorite workout has to be the tempo run.

Saturday - Key Workout #3

Long run. 27km at 7:13/km was the target. After warming up for the first 5 kilometers, things went well as I ran around BGC to McKinley drive (Forbes main road) within pace. It headed south by km15 as my plantar fasciitis (PF) flared up again. I think it's because of the wrong combination of socks and my Brooks Pureflow.

I have weird feet. My left has a normal arch while my right has a low arch. I have PF issues on my right. I think it's being caused by the arch section of the Pureflow's insoles that irritate my plantar fascia. I doesn't bother me if below 8 or 10k, but only during long runs when my right arch probably couldn't take it anymore.

I then decided to remove my socks and ran the rest of the way sockless. The PF somehow subsided a little. Next time, it's either thin socks or go sockless on the long run if I'll use my Pureflows.

Things got better as well after my stopover at the convenience store and refilled on Coke Light, Cream O, and water. I trudged on but again, the heat got the best of me. 8th avenue was deserted because it was probably late in the morning so I decided to cut the run short. Ended up with 21km. I know I failed this one but learned a lot (again) in terms of footwear.

Sunday - Cross Train

I tried the condo gym's new LifeFitness stationary bike. My cyclist/officemate recommended that I do this at Maffetone HR and within 90rpm. It was nice to do something different from running to cap off the week. Surprised that I drenched a lot of sweat too as I finished 12.12km in 35mins within 90rpm average. HR was around 110 ave. I'll definitely do this again.



A factor that caused the failure of key workouts #1 and #3, IMHO, is the heat. It's either I get used to it or I wake up earlier to start my runs. 5:30 or 6am is not gonna cut it. Probably an hour earlier will do.

Sigh, not really excited for this week's long run since it calls for 32km at 7:22/km target. Meeting the distance will be a victory in itself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jesus Runs!

I found this post courtesy of RunningShield this morning and I was curious if he really was part of the race. Playing and pausing the YouTube video mentioned by RunningShield indicated that he had a bib number, meaning that this guy was really part of the race! Yup, Jesus ain't no bandit! :>

Looking at his 42k race performance (YES, he ran the whole distance carrying that cross AND barefoot!), I can't believe how respectably fast this guy was as he finished in 5 hours 13 minutes! Man, his time was faster than my PR!

Galing mo Lord! :-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

March26-April1: Training Week 2 of 16

I've been having a bout with the flu/cough since Thursday of Week 1 so I had to back off on the training last week. Specifically, I had to pass on Key Workout #2 which called for an 11k run inclusive of 8k at target marathon pace (6:45/km). Below were the workouts done last week:

Key Workout #1: 4x800m (Philsports track oval)

It was my first time to run at the Philsports (formerly ULTRA) track oval (or at any other track for that matter). I ran at lunch time on a Tuesday cloudy afternoon and felt great as I averaged 4:10-ish for the 800m segments. It's amazing how one runs fast on the track versus the road (I usually run 4:40s for 800m in our hilly neighborhood) so the flat track was a happy welcome for my old knees. The track surroundings really needs to be upgraded (including the shower rooms, far end bleachers, and a portion of the track that seems to have ripples). I don't mind if they increase the P35.00 entrance fee so long as they improve on it.

Key Workout #3: 24km long run (7:13/km target pace)

Saturday morning. Run route was from Home to Greenhills to Ortigas Business District to Meralco then back to Greenhills then Home. I was glad that I was able to force my officemate/run-buddy to extend his weekly 10k run to 15k to accompany/pace/motivate me to finish this run. I would've been walking sluggishly in the latter half had he not been motivating/teasing that I was slowing down. I welcome the company so that I am I focused to keep up.

I didn't meet my target pace (AGAIN!)  for this long run (ended up at 8:01/km average) but I was able to keep my nutrition in check. I was able to consume 2 GU gels, 2 bananas, 2 bottles of Gatorade, and about a liter of water throughout the run. Glad that there are convenience stores like 7-11 and Ministop along the route although I wasn't able to find Cream-O to recharge me. I'll probably buy a pack in the grocery this week.

TOTAL kms for Week2: 31km

The FIRST training plan promotes a "Run less, run faster" approach but the ever increasing long runs are going to be a killer. This week is supposedly a 27km (next week is my first of 5 32km long runs!!!).

I'll just consider this week's long run as my penitence for Holy Week.