Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Now on my 4th week of training for marathon #4, the Milo Manila Elims, the long runs have been a disaster in terms of trying to meet the target pace (week 1 & 2) and target distance (week 3).

After reading's FB update last night and confirmed by Kulitrunner's latest post, I got myself a reprieve: the Milo Manila Elims is scheduled on July 29 and not July 08 as I earlier guessed.

This resets my entire 16-week training program to begin this week (originally started March 15th). I felt elated that my supposed 32km long run this weekend (which I was not really that excited to do) has been reduced to 21km since I'm back to week #1 this week.

Thank goodness for second chances.

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  1. thank God for second chances. that has happened to me before. that is some training program were you start with 13 miles on the first week.