Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April2-8: Training Week 3 of 16

I did a lot last week in terms of fitness (took only 1 rest day), but came short in 2 of 3 key workouts for marathon #4.


Easy 5km run around the neighborhood. Strapped my HR monitor after a long while and ran this one well below Maffetone HR pace (ave 120-125 HR). Pace was slow as predicted as total elapsed time was 43 minutes.

Tuesday - Key Workout #1

I was at the Philsports Oval around lunch time (same as last week) for a ladder interval workout. 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 with 200m rest intervals. I only managed down to 800 since the lunch time heat pressed heavily on me. Decided to cut the workout short for fear of heat stroke. Yup, I guess I'm not ready for BDM or even T2N ultras.

Wednesday - Weights workout

I've been doing this short circuit workout for three consecutive Wednesdays now. I got it from an old issue of Men's Health that has 8 weight exercises that can be completed in 10-15minutes. This is advantageous especially for a family man like me that has limited time before going to the office. I was able to do 2 rounds.

Thursday - Key Workout #2

Tempo run. 1.5km warmup. 8k at target 6:21/km long-tempo pace. 1.5km cooldown. I was able to nail this workout around the neighborhood, clocking near the target pace during the tempo leg. I guess it's safe to say that my favorite workout has to be the tempo run.

Saturday - Key Workout #3

Long run. 27km at 7:13/km was the target. After warming up for the first 5 kilometers, things went well as I ran around BGC to McKinley drive (Forbes main road) within pace. It headed south by km15 as my plantar fasciitis (PF) flared up again. I think it's because of the wrong combination of socks and my Brooks Pureflow.

I have weird feet. My left has a normal arch while my right has a low arch. I have PF issues on my right. I think it's being caused by the arch section of the Pureflow's insoles that irritate my plantar fascia. I doesn't bother me if below 8 or 10k, but only during long runs when my right arch probably couldn't take it anymore.

I then decided to remove my socks and ran the rest of the way sockless. The PF somehow subsided a little. Next time, it's either thin socks or go sockless on the long run if I'll use my Pureflows.

Things got better as well after my stopover at the convenience store and refilled on Coke Light, Cream O, and water. I trudged on but again, the heat got the best of me. 8th avenue was deserted because it was probably late in the morning so I decided to cut the run short. Ended up with 21km. I know I failed this one but learned a lot (again) in terms of footwear.

Sunday - Cross Train

I tried the condo gym's new LifeFitness stationary bike. My cyclist/officemate recommended that I do this at Maffetone HR and within 90rpm. It was nice to do something different from running to cap off the week. Surprised that I drenched a lot of sweat too as I finished 12.12km in 35mins within 90rpm average. HR was around 110 ave. I'll definitely do this again.



A factor that caused the failure of key workouts #1 and #3, IMHO, is the heat. It's either I get used to it or I wake up earlier to start my runs. 5:30 or 6am is not gonna cut it. Probably an hour earlier will do.

Sigh, not really excited for this week's long run since it calls for 32km at 7:22/km target. Meeting the distance will be a victory in itself.

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