Thursday, June 4, 2015

Race Recap: Alaska Cycle 2015

Venue for this annual race was moved from BGC to MOA last May 17 (yeah, sorry for the late post) so the flats and flyovers coupled with the 4 rounds made up for a good Sunday 40km workout.

I did well, IMHO, considering that I was on a lot of work related stress days before that race and that I finished a duathlon race the Sunday prior. Finish time was at 1:19 which put my average speed to a bit over 30kmh. My PR for a race as this is about 1:16, so I was happy to be well within range.

This, however, shouldn't make me overconfident as there are a lot of races ahead this year. I am (very) down in terms of Trainingpeaks CTL value so I've a lot to do in terms of getting back into form.

A great thanks to the organizers of the Alaska Cycle as they did a good job, including the race that my kids entered in the previous day.

That fat tummy has to go. Seriously.