Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting There

My TP CTL value has finally breached the 50 level, now at exactly 52.3 with a TSB of -12.3. This was greatly contributed by pushing myself to workout during the weekdays and going for longer rides and runs on the weekends. Special attention to the long run as I have forced myself to run more than 10k (my last >10k run was Feb 2015). It had dwindled to 8k before I chose to correct it, increasing my long run distance to 10k, 12k, 17.5k, and, just yesterday, 18.5k. Pace is oh so slow for the last two runs as I've been running with an officemate on Saturday mornings who chose to get himself back into running shape. It's ok I guess as the slow pace trains me into utilizing fat and not glycogen to run, which will be most helpful in race situations.

I hope the slow but sure increase of CTL value continues from hereon, as I want to get back into the fitness level before I decided to go back to self-coaching last Aug 2014, wherein CTL was probably a little above 70.


I've registered to the May10 PhilDua Leg2 in Gen. Trias, Cavite which will be a 6k-30k-3k affair. I ran this race last year, with a somewhat torture of a bike leg (repeat loop of a long false flat and descent). Getting my family checked-in at the nearby Microtel will help as I don't have to cram in driving from Manila to Cavite just to reach the venue before 6am.

The thought of joining my first 21k since 2013 has been tossed in the ring after yesterday's completion of running 18.5k. I think I can finish 21k, but not at the pace that I wanted it before. But it gave me the confidence to sign up for Milo 21k in July. Let's see what happens in the coming weeks, if I remain consistent with my long runs.