Thursday, February 22, 2018

Training Update - 02/22/20218


Week on week progress has still been flat in terms of total duration/kms, but I guess that's better than regressing. Been disciplining myself from taking on the speed/tempo and long run sessions for the week so I hope that'll help me get into Sub-1hr 10k shape by March 25. I'm still a happy camper though since I get to push myself weekly to meet my planned run duration/kms for the week. Just need to increase it more though.


Just one more week left until I finish the 2nd half of my Base training and it'll be the Build Phase next which is 8 weeks as per Trainerroad. It's been a chore just to get the Trainerroad sessions in (those VO2max workouts surely got me to tap out) but I'm still there...probably about 80% confident going into the Build Phase. A change of riding environment this weekend as my family and I are spending the weekend in Nasugbu ---a good testing venue to see if all this TR indoor riding has really helped, especially on the climbs.


Still dilly-dallying at the 170-172lb range. I tried Intermittent Fasting last Tuesday and it seems that I should be able to manage it. However, I would have to find a way on how to align it with my workout sked so as not to feel drained after my runs and indoor rides. We'll see if IF can be THE solution to my weight problem.


Got my blood chem results from last Wed and all looked normal, a great surprise since I've been battling high cholesterol values for several years now. Not sure really what made it normal. Probably the combination of delivery diet food, the meds for cholesterol management that the doc prescribed (although I stopped taking those 3 weeks before my blood test), or maybe that brief IF attempt a day before the test. Hmmmm....

At any rate, I felt great seeing all those blood stats back in the normal range.

Hopefully they stay that way until my next exam which is probably this coming October.