Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 Season Plan

So it's another year and I'm still here training and blogging away. Hehe.

Weight: 172 lbs.


All that eating and couch-potato-ing in the off season are to blame. But here I am again, off to set my goals for the year which I hope to grade better than last year.

And so, here we go with my 2019 plan:

A Races:

  1. Milo 21k. Still at the top of my MUST list, a yearly "panata" if you will. Hoping to achieve a better time than last year (2:28+).
  2. BikeKing Dua. Another "panata" race. This is where I will concentrate on all of my Trainerroad workouts for. 
  3. National Dua Championships. I hope they get this to push thru this year (as 2018 got canceled).

B Races:

  1. One Pilipinas Duathlon Leg. The organizers have released the 2019 sked and it seems that, all permitting, I will only be able to sign up and race for 1 leg (Leg3). 
  2. A 10k race. This is just to set things up for my duas.
  3. A 21k race other than Milo. Same objective as 2, but for Milo 21k preparedness.
  4. Join a Virtual Race. Probably one or two should be good for the year to keep the mileage up.

Fitness Goals:

  1. Lose 15 lbs. Yup, still aiming for that. Hope to eat and train smarter this time for this goal.
  2. Bike FTP of 200 watts. 
  3. Ride for 100km. Even just one ride with this distance should be good enough for me.

Well, almost all of the goals above are very similar to my 2018 set. Rightly so as I failed in most of them last year. Looking forward for a better review of these goals come Dec 2019.

And so...… we go.....yet again.....