Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Still Here...2020 version

My right knee has recovered about 95% now as evidenced by my training logs. Thanks to foam rollers, a lot of zone2 training, AAAND a lot of rest when I think I need to (and also when I don't need to, hahaha), CTL is now at 30 (from a low of 25-27). It's still low from the usual 50s when I'm race ready but I'll take the slow but sure progress.

A big boost was also my once a week bike-to-work on my son's 27.5 MTB from Carti. Pace is slow due to the heavy bike and traffic but it's still good exercise that gives my bike CTL a good lift for the week.

Before last night I was still doubtful that I'm race ready for anything, but thanks to my officemate/duathlete Vernier a.k.a. The Cannibal he was able to get me a race slot for the upcoming Clark Global Dua this March 29th.

The 6k-60k-4k distance was tempting but I knew I won't be able to race that long with my current form and fitness. Thus I decided to take the short version, 3k-30k-2k, as my first race of the season. The distance should be more than manageable but I will have to train (cautiously) for the pace.

And it's another ride on the SCTEX....why reject the invite? 😁😁😁