Monday, March 8, 2010

Unilab Run: A View from Km19

This was a whole different race for me since, well, I was watching from the sidelines. I purposely didn't register for this since (1) I was still on my self-imposed rest period, and (2) still enjoying on recalling my 21k PR set at CenturyTuna two weeks ago. Ayaw ko pa mapatungan. Hehe.

My plan was once my 1-yr old son woke up at 6am I'd put him on the stroller and walk towards BHS since we're just a kilometer or so away. The little guy seemed to be liking the condo bed so much that he overslept since it was already 6:40am when I looked at the clock. Yikes, the race had started already!

I hurriedly went down the front gate to see an ocean of runners occupying 5th avenue and 21st street both from the 21k and 5k events, respectively (although I saw two Kenyans zooming towards the finish line wearing 21k racebibs, presumably the 2nd and 3rd placers completing an all-Kenyan 1-2-3 in the half-marathon event).

There were a lot of walkers on the 5k event which made me recall my first ever race at Condura 2009 5k wherein I was running/walking as well by km4. The volume of 5k runners just showed increased interest of our countrymen into running which is good I believe.

Since I felt that the bulk of 21k runners were still on their way to Heritage Park, I went up again to our unit to check on my 1-yr old. Whoa! Still asleep?!?! Hmmm....

The sun was up already so I grabbed my shades and went down again. By this time I started seeing the 21k runners arriving from the Trion Towers turnaround point.

Km19, from my experience, is that point wherein you just give it your all, or as in my case in last year's Milo Finals 21k, succumbed to a run/walk/walk/walk stride to the finish due to loss of nutrition. It's really a make or break point though I've yet to see or hear a runner who succumbed to a DNF by km19.

It was really a sight to see runners from different walks of life and different running forms pass me by at the km19 marker. They either looked relaxed, worried, in pain, or focused to the goal. In appreciation of their efforts, I would cheer them on (yes, by my lonesome) and shout "2k na lang!!!" Some would pretend they didn't hear but most would look at me and smile with relief as if to say, "Hay salamat konti na lang!"

After around 15mins my wife and 2 sons were with me already. I grabbed my 1yr old and carried him to the middle of the road so that he could see the half-marathoners up close. I think this little guy of mine would be running someday as he seemed really interested, looking at EVERY runner who passed us, probably studying their running form? Hehe.

It was good to see familiar faces tackling the 21k event like's Pio(lo), Sir Rene a.k.a. Jazzrunner, Dennis a.k.a. Running Fatboy & Marvin, 3 of my officemates, and, surprisingly, actor Carlos Agassi who finished with a decent 2:22.

Bald Runner wanna-be? Hehehe...

A little later the roads were open to vehicles again so it was time for me to wrap up watching this race. We headed off to Rufo's Makati Avenue for a tapsilicious breakfast.

I had to admit: I was jealous of these runners for it was my 2nd week being run-less.

Hmmm, probably this week pwede na since Doc Randy gave me the go-ahead to run (yey!).


  1. Wow, being a runner is not just running, but being involved in some way. Last year, my wife and I went to the Harrisburg Marathon just to give cheers and support, and to check it out. I think your way of thinking. Hopefully your son will be running soon (around the house of course to begin with hehe) Thanks for the video footage camera man. I will be praying that your ailments are healed in a timely matter.

  2. tnx again Kenley!

    I'll post about my visit to the doc yesterday on my next post to keep you updated but definitely, I can start running again. :)

  3. Bro, your son seemed to enjoy the proceedings too. Give it a few years and he'll be running beside you already! Hope you start logging on the miles again.:-)

  4. Yahooooooo! That is great news man. I look forward to hearing all about that.

  5. @sir rene, thanks! yup I'll probably start running this week. "comfortable" pace first as prescribed by the doc. :)