Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(This is a lame attempt to get the wifey, a showbiz fan, to join me in road running)

Here's a rundown on who's who in showbiz been racing lately:

Piolo Pascual. Good news to runner Gingerbreadman: Piolo's dropped in pace a bit in the recently concluded DZMM Takbo Para sa Kalikasan 10k run. His time? 49:37. Still, an excellent sub-50 finish.

Papa P with Papa R

Donna Larazzabal a.k.a. Donna Cruz. She's been running even before the boom started. Her recent CenturyTuna 21k finish time speaks for itself: 2:04:38.

Her playlist includes: Kapag tumibok ang puuuso....

Carlos Agasi. I saw him along km19 in the recent Unilab 21k run. 2:22:41.

Sen. Pia Cayetano. I'd bet on her if there was a race for senators. She'll definitely top it. Her recent race was at the DZMM 10k run wherein she coasted to a sub-60 finish: 59:48. Oh, did I fail to mention that she's a triathlete as well?

Fernando Zobel. Representing the Ayala clan, this guy is just amazingly fast for his age. Condura 21k: 1:52:05. CenturyTuna 21k: 1:55:54. Galeng!

Lance Gokongwei. Not to be outdone is JG Summit's rep who had a decent 21k finish in the CenturyTuna run: 2:19:37.

Tessa Valdes. Don't be fooled by her eccentric running attire. She's fast! CenturyTuna 21k: 2:26 (chip time).

Derek Ramsay. He ran 5k in the CenturyTuna run. I couldn't find his race result but I saw on TV that he mentioned he got lost along the route. Hmmm....

puro pa-picture kase!

Aga Muhlach. Yup, even the former Bagets star has joined the fray, coasting to a 1:11:12 Unilab 10k finish.

Hmmm....BLC candidate?

For those avid Hollywood fans out there, here's a full list. Notable celebrities in last year's NYC Marathon:

Edward Norton. 2009 NYC Marathon. 3:48:01. Milo Elims panis!

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" (Primal Fear, 1996)

Alanis Morissette. 2009 NYC Marathon. 4:28:45.

...and I'm remind you...

For now, I can safely say that I can do a sub-Lance 21k and a sub-Aga 10k.

How about you?


  1. You forgot the billionaire Tans' rep, but great post! Oh my, ex-heartthrob Aga is really up against it now no?

  2. I like the notion of "being able to Beat" Oprah's time on the Chicago Marathon. Should you feel bad if you dont? lol. BTW, is she still running? And Alanis Morissette, she quotes in Jan 10 RW Magazine that she thinks its "fun to have madical marijuana once in a while". Interesting for RW to include that in a magazine that is geared towards having a healthy lifestyle. All of these celebrities running, well, they are just people like the rest of us, but it is kind of neat I suppose, especially the ones that really stick to it. Great Post man. Hope this inspired your wife.

  3. Oh, BTW, love the new picture on your layout. Its awesome!

  4. @miraclecello, who's running for the Tan family? Lucio? ;-) yup, Aga has to lose all that excess weight if he wants to be in the ranks of Piolo. but he's over 40 so I guess the weight is forgivable. :)

    @kenley, yup I'd feel bad if I don't get to beat Oprah's sub-4:30. But probably I'll do it a step a time since I haven't done a full yet. Probably try to do a sub-AlGore first, hehe. I have that RW mag as well (sent by my sis-in-law from the US) showing Alanis at the back page. Well, for all that she's taking in, she looks great.

    @kenley, yeah I just love that pic took of me when I ran in the CenturyTuna 21k moreover that it was a memorable PR-setting race. It helps me to remember that good preparation/training before a race can do you good.

  5. Sub Aga na yan Roelle :P NIce entry by the way :)

  6. Wow ang lakas pala ni Edward Norton... great pictures here by the way.

    It's nice to have "targets" to beat and you're right, one step at a time. Good luck with your sub-celeb goals! :D

  7. @luis, sub-Aga? panis! ;-) r u ready to run against Piolo sa 15k challenge nya? I'm rooting for u pre! :)

    @runningpinoy, photovendo yan. the others I just searched from google. thanks for dropping by! :)