Wednesday, March 24, 2010

12 months later

I was swamped with work today when I stopped and thought, "Wow! March 22 was two days ago!"

March 22 might be insignificant to you guys but for me, it means a lot. It was March 22, 2009 when I woke up early on a Sunday morning to drive all the way to BHS Makati to step on the Condura 2009 5k starting line. I could not contain my excitement and nervousness for this race....

....for this was my first ever race.

3 pairs of running shoes, a pile of singlets, racebibs, 3 finisher medals, and a Garmin later, I still could not believe what I've achieved these past twelve months:

3 5k fun runs
9 10k races
1 10-miler
7 half-marathons

which resulted to:

a 10-pound weight loss (although I still need to lose more)
a 30-point drop in cholesterol count
a 4-point increase in HDL
a 26-point drop in LDL
a 22-point drop in triglycerides
countless greetings of "hey! you lost weight ey?!"

I am glad to have found running, and I will continue to run as much as I can for the rest of my life. For in running I have found solace from the daily grind at work. It has become more than a hobby such that I've become passionate into learning everything about it to improve my running form, pace, and distance.

I enjoy reading all your running blogs (I really do!) and how it has changed your life. It fascinates me that there are other people out there like you who are as passionate with running as I am. The wonders of the Internet age has made me discover your posts on running. It really is a privilege for me to be reading your posts as I hope you do so with mine.

I still have lots to go, I'm afraid. There is still the urban Everest that I would like to conquer. The 26.2 mile journey that only 0.1-2% of the world's population have accomplished ---I want to be part of that. A marathoner. If not this year, hopefully before I reach 40.

"To describe the agony of a marathon to someone who's never run it is like trying to explain color to someone who was born blind." ---Jerome Drayton

For now, I'll take it one step at a time. Tomorrow night's another run. Sunday morning's another race. And so on and so on...

"I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs." ---Jesse Owens


  1. Wow, this blog entry was very inspiring! I started a little over a year ago and have dropped 40 pounds. I still have 20 more to go or so, but now I am finding it more difficult if I do not watch my diet like a hawk. This year, I will be doing my first 21k, and using that for training for my first marathon. Running 11 miles now, when I first started I remember my first mile and that seemed like a lot. As far as explaining a marathon to some one who has never ran one, the same applies to running in general to non runners. They just dont get it, they dont share the passion. I enjoy reading your blog as well. I do not comment often, but will get in the habit of doing so. My dream is ultras, and one of my dream ultras is the BDM 102k hosted by baldrunner. Take care, as I have blabbed enough. lol. God Bless and keep you safe and injury free.

  2. 40lbs?!?! Wow that's a lot Kenley! I hope to lose 20lbs more. I'm ok during the weekdays but the weekend "fiesta" binging just brings me back to square one, hehehe.

    All the best on your maiden half-mary. I'm certain that you'll be able to finish it smiling. :)

    BDM 102k? Wow! That's a lot of preparation I think. But with a good mindset and training, you'll do that as well.

    Thanks Kenley!

  3. I hear you loud and clear on the whole week end eating thing. During the week I will lose 2-3 pounds, then on the weekend, I will gain most of it back, but excuse it do to losing it again. lol. Thanks for your support with my running goals and what not. That is what this is for I suppose. I will finish with a smile. lol. Have a good weekend there. Mabuhay!