Friday, September 25, 2015

BikeKing Duathlon 2015: Am I Ready?

Based on my TP PmC readings, I am not ready. I believe I can finish the race but not in PR-beating fashion. My PR for this race is a 3:29 from last year's version which has the exact same route as this year. Yup, including that last long bike climb towards T2 which made me run-walk the Run2 leg.

Tsk tsk. This is gonna hurt.

But I'm thinking positive as (1) I believe I'm better on the bike now compared to last year, particularly improving on my climbing skills, (2) I know the race route thus I can plan my target paces to hopefully still beat my PR, and (3) I've learned my lesson on that Run2 leg from last year. I will need to be patient with my bike pace so as to leave a little more for that remaining 4k run.

But yeah, I'll try to have fun while on that 6k-60k-4k sufferfest that is the SCTEX Duathlon.

Here we go!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

TP PmC Chart as of Sep.13, 2015

Thanks to, I am constantly informed on how depressing my training has been this year. I am having trouble reaching the elusive 50 TSS level (which I only breached once) which I hoped to be in by now as my A-race, the SCTEX Duathlon, is 2 weeks away.

I have slacked up a lot (red lines) no thanks to office work/stress, laziness, and a good combination of both. Last week, this was aggravated by a bad back coupled with flu, a broken bike FD cable and the occassional rains. I am below my average weekly TSS total for the past two weeks, Getting back on the horse, so to speak, has been excruciatingly impossible.

Oh, did I forget to say that I have not been losing the 10 lbs that I wanted due to delicious greasy food and extra rice?


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Review: Nike Free 5.0 (2014)

pic grabbed from
I've been running in the Nike Free 5.0 (2014 version) since early this year, replacing my trusty Brooks Pureflow for my easy and long runs. I bought in on discount in one of those Nike outlet stores located in Caltex, NLEX and I am greatly satisfied so far with the purchase since then. measures the stack height as 23mm (heel) and 15mm (forefoot) which gives an 8mm heel to forefoot difference ---which rightly complies to my minimalist running style. The D-width size gives enough wiggle room for my forefoot area. Mix it with the Dynamic Flywire technology to secure the foot, it provided a totally balanced, comfortable fit.

On the run itself, the shoe lives up to its name as I felt great running "free." The snug fit of the upper and the special design of the sole (which Nike terms as Hexagonal Flex Pattern) allows "free" movement of the foot as it goes thru the entire cycle of my running gait (midfoot strike......I think).

Overall, this is a very comfortable shoe that I think is good for easy paced runs ---including long runs. I used this in my last race (14.7km Class of Clans race) with the intention to "just finish it." Pace was relaxed which the shoe helped by making me forget about it and just run easy...and free. You can boost the speed if needed but I think its barefoot brother, the Nike Free 3.0, would be more up to the task when it comes to really increasing the tempo.

As it is already 2015, I can see the updated version of the Nike Free 5.0 in the stores which I think attests to the many runners who've been satisfied with its performance. I hope they continue this line as I will definitely get the latest version once I wear out my current pair (which is a loooooong way to go with the way my runs are lacking lately).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars