Sunday, December 14, 2014

Squeezing This In

I found some free time in my busy schedule, toggling between my work and family duties especially now that we're busy with school events, parties, and shopping for stuff for our friends and relatives, so I'm here to post a quick update on how things are holding up on my training.

I'm about 95% recovered from that nasty multiple rib injury that I took last October. I'm now able to run which my TP PMc run chart is very happy to see. Pace is more than I expected, possibly due to fresher logs from that long no-run layoff.

My bike+run TP CTL is hovering slightly above the 40s (lowest recorded was 39.5) and I'm working on making the most of the off season in bringing it back up to where it was last July (60s, or even more if I can).

Weight has been a struggle as I gained 5 lbs (ugh!!!!!) since the 6 week no-run period. The present holiday one-party-after-another situation is really not helping my cause.


Oh, I forgot to mention that I was able to ride last Nov23 for the BGC 40km Challenge event and I was able to hold a good pace on my own (versus straddling at a peloton on the same event last May). Overall time is slightly off by 1-2mins from May but I'm happier on this one as I was able to push all by myself.

That tummy has nooooo escape! :(


The new frame I bought for my birthday, the 2014 Argon18 Gallium Pro, rides like a dream. Coming from the entry-level 2012 Radon, the Gallium Pro is very much lighter as I experienced on the climbs, especially in Bugarin when me and @roadiemanila went there two Sundays ago. I was supposed to buy a Kuota Kharma aero frame for my duathlons but I'm liking the Gallium Pro as it makes me do better on the climbs. Of course, a second bike, a tri bike, won't be bad at all. ;-)

That's @roadiemanila at the start of our Bugarin climb


I hope to race again sometime soon, be it a running or bike race, or a duathlon even. That'll help me target to push my fitness up, and hopefully, my weight down.

Happy Holidays!