Monday, November 21, 2016

Down But Not Out

As (dumb) luck would have it, I wasn't able to race the annual BGC Cycle event. I got sick since Friday evening and wasn't able to recover in time for Sunday morning.

I suspect that Wed ride wherein I tested the new bike chain by riding outdoors. It got cut short when it suddenly rained so probably sweat and rain made for a good/bad combo to get sick.

Second DNS in a row and along with it my TrainingPeaks CTL crumbling back to the 40s level. 

Damn it.

I am still not fully despaired by this so nothing else to do but to learn from this and move forward.

There could be one more race left in me for 2016. Be it a 10k or duathlon, I hope to race one more time to end my 2016 season in a bright note.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finding Motivation

A quick update on my training. As in the TrainingPeaks PmC charts below for bike and run, my training needs motivation.

The bike decrease was due mainly to lack of long rides during the weekend brought about my preference to use my carbon wheelset (where the rear got damaged last month) versus my RS11 training wheels. Good thing that the replacement I bought came in time last Friday so I immediately tested it out on last Sunday's Camp Aguinaldo ride with the Titos.

The run chart shows I'm holding it somewhat with a very slight decrease. The long run commitment is also lacking, unfortunately, so I need to get myself motivated to run (long) more. Probably registering for a run race (possibly the NB Run on December?) could help me up the volume.

Except for next month's BGC cycle event (and possibly the December NB Run), I've no planned races left for the year. Another duathlon would've been nice but I think I need to go back to the drawing board, build my base better, and work on my speed (on both bike and run). Registering blindly for another dua might just frustrate me again once I struggle on my race pace so I really need to work on that first.

Yup, and loose the excess pounds too. :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

GCN provides alternative to TheSufferfest videos

I've somewhat gotten over the disappointment from my DNS last Sunday, doing two indoor trainer workouts so far (Tues and Thurs) to cheer me up via an endorphin boost.

Tues was the TheSufferfest Revolver session, a 49-minute "short but sweet(?)" interval workout to improve speedwork.

This morning, Thursday, was supposed to be a Zone2 ride but I gambled upon doing this workout that I saw on YouTube:

I was hoping for a stable internet connection throughout the 1 hour session and, thankfully, it cooperated. The workout itself proved to be simple yet very effective with the goal to improve strength and endurance (thus aptly entitled "Build Strength+Endurance 1 Hour Workout). Plus the on-screen graphics are a welcome change as well from that of TheSufferfest's.

GCN YouTube workouts such as this can provide the needed alternative should I get tired of doing TheSufferfest workouts. Further, the nice thing about GCN workouts is that it's on YouTube, hence, FREE for everyone to use.

Hopefully the rain stops so I can resume running outside again.

Yup, better now. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frustrated, Disappointed

Today was a hard humbling lesson for me as I DNS'ed the BikeKing Duathlon.

Yes, I wasn't able to start in my A-Race for this year.

In summary my rear wheel set fell off from my bike and broke while driving to the start venue. I was only able to realize it when I parked at Sandbox Porac, the rear wheel missing from my bike as it hanged from the bike rack.

I was able to retrieve it and scavenge for reusable parts (the tire, the interior (possibly), the 6800 cog, and the Garmin magnet), after retracing my steps with the help of one of the race participants telling me he may have seen it somewhere in Clark across Petron.

All else was deemed for disposal, specifically the skewer and the rear CNC wheelset itself.

This served me well. Thanks CNC!

Right now I feel very disappointed, with all my race preparations (mental, physical, and financial) down the drain all because of my overconfidence with the bike rack.

The duathlon gods thought it would be a good laugh to tag me as the unlucky one for the day.

Yup, they got me indeed. But I wasn't laughing.

I vented my frustrations by running inside Clark for 13k instead, recalling that run loop on my last dua (the Phil Dua leg4) where I did badly on Run2. It was a struggle on the latter part of this run, as I battled mentally the thought of me that should've been racing and plying the SCTEX on my bike ---and possibly getting near my 3:29 PR.

I know there's always next year but what happened this morning will be something that I won't be able to forget anytime soon.


But I guess there is a good ending to this mishap. I was able to spend time with my family in the resort this morning during breakfast and (longer time) in the pool ---something that I don't get to do when we come to Clark for a race. What happened made me appreciate my family more, and that they are more important than a broken rear wheel set (and a skewer).

Alas, onto my next race, whatever it may be.....

Thursday, September 22, 2016

BikeKing Duathlon 2016: Pre-Race Thoughts

I *think* I'm better prepared for this one now versus last month's race. CTL is on the upper 50s however TSB might be too much on the negative side due to cramming for workouts that I did for the past 4-6 days. However, I needed it (especially the 50k ride last Sunday @ Nuvali) to boost me mentally in preparation for this weekend's 60k SCTEX ride.

I kept the weight at a manageable level and my runs are quite better especially after that hill repeat session last week. That will probably be useful as the SCTEX Run1 and Run2 legs comprise of killer inclines on the latter part of the runs.

The short aerobars I borrowed from our newspaper boy slash weekend cyclist may prove to be helpful on the Bike leg this weekend too, as the aeroness should help during the SCTEX descents for more speed for less watts.

This is the 4th time I'm joining this race. My A-race for this year. Hoping to get a decent time on this one although my 3:29 PR might be a challenging one to beat.

SCTEX here I come (again)!

Monday, August 22, 2016

PhilDua Leg4 2016: The Hurt Locker

The Good:

  1. Accurate distance for the Bike and Run2 leg
  2. Well placed race marshals and aid stations
  3. Nice finisher's shirt

For improvement:
  1. Run1 exceeded by 1k (and that's a lot in duathlon!)
  2. Bikes could not be released until the last duathlete finishes the bike. I don't understand this rule if the participants already wear the wristbands to identify themselves with their respective bikes. It wastes the time of the participants who would like to head home immediately after the race (like me).

My race:

I went into this race not in tip top shape (training wise although mentally I was prepared, hehe) so I just went right into the unknown as I had low mileage for run and bike for the past weeks.

 Surprisingly, Run1 went pretty well (6:40/km average for 11k) although in retrospect I may have pushed a little too hard for my own good.

The bike leg, well, was a mix of masarap and mahirap. Masarap because I enjoyed the high speed I attained in the descents and flats. Mahirap coz of the 2 long (but low elevation) climbs which you had to do twice due to the 2-loop course. I finished it in 1:29 for 40k but I could've done better had I logged the miles prior.

Run2 was where the title of this post is so apt. Km1 went ok but I slooooowed down by km2-5 as the heat avenged itself after days of rain. Everytime you wanted to walk, it was like a big magnifying glass was aimed at your back so much so that you had no choice but to jog ---in pain. I was very tired by this time that it was really a battle of wills if I were to walk the rest of it or jog.

I chose the latter....painfully.

What I like about duathlon is that you see who did well, pace-wise, by Run2. If you gave too much in Run1 and on the Bike, you will surely pay for it on Run2 as what I experienced immensely.

By the last turn to the finish I was so glad to see the finish arc and get that medal. Finished the race in 3:28 which is far from my 3:02 PR.

Still need to work on my pacing strategy, but I'm very glad overall to have finished a standard distance duathlon after a long while (my last one being in 2013).

On to the next one, the Bike King Duathlon, on Sep 25. Now THAT one, based on my previous attempts, will be another hurting experience by Run2. It is a 6-60-4 duathlon but the Run2 usually hurts based on my previous 3 occasions racing it.

But still, it'll be fun! 


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Phil Duathlon Leg4: Pre-Race Thoughts

In a nutshell, I am mentally ready for tomorrow's race (10k-40k-5k) although my training logs show otherwise. 

The rains (and my laziness) contributed to most of the lackluster mileage deposits in my TrainingPeaks account, showing a sub-50 CTL rate (but TSB, obviously, at a 9+ grade which means I am very fresh ---or too fresh?).

Aside from the high TSB (which means training-stress balance btw), what I have going for me is that I still have that 7lb loss which *may* help me get through the runs and the ride. I have also refitted myself on the bike (using an IOS app which is pretty cool btw) after a long while so that could also help me be fresh for Run2.

I just hope that the weather cooperates tomorrow morning so that all of us can enjoy the race (afraid that they may remove the Bike leg completely if the rains pour too hard).

Let's see how this one goes, shall we?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Race Review: TakboPH BGC 21k

The Good:

  1. Accurate Distance
  2. Race started promptly
  3. Adequate marshals
  4. Adequate hydration stations (water, energy drinks, bananas)
  5. Cool looking race jersey and finisher shirt (for 21k runners)

For Improvement:

  • None at this time.

My Race:

The plan was to finish between 2:35 to 2:45 for this one, being my first 21k race since 2012. I came into the start area with around 10-15mins before gun time and fortunately met Dennis and Roselle for a quick chat (on separate instances), who are fellow running bloggers that owe a lot to for their respective blog's audiences. Dennis was targeting a sub 2:30, while Roselle was an official pacer for the 3:00 finish time.

The weather was pretty humid, as evidenced by my sweating like a pig in the start corral even before the race started. Good thing Kuya Kim Atienza, who predicted the day's weather, reminded us to hydrate.

Another mental note that I had to keep in mind is to just finish this one and not go all out, as I was experiencing chest pains from playing basketball Fri night in a VERRRRRY humid gym. As I am not as young as before anymore, I had to manage my pace and listen to my body throughout the race.

The race started and I squeezed myself lucky enough to be included in Wave 1 of 2. The route will be reminiscent of the old days when popular 21k races like Botak, Adidas, and Mizuno would take us to the Buendia flyover til SLEX for the U-turn, and then back to BGC going towards Heritage Memorial Park then back to BGC for the finish. The path from BGC to Heritage boosted some confidence in me as I was able to test myself there when I did my last long run (of 18k) two Sundays before race day.

The first 10kms (BGC-Buendia-SLEXUturn-Buendia) went by without a hitch (gel at km4-5) with average pace at 8:00/km which is slow by my standards. However, I was feeling alright so why mess it up, right? Besides, HR was at 150-155 which is already at my tempo range so it was too early to accelerate as there are 11kms to go.

As I finished the Buendia flyover climb from Ayala, I saw yellow balloons along the distance.

It was the 2:45 pacers.
These guys kept me from finishing beyond 2:45. Thanks!!!

As I was too relaxed with my pace I didn't realize that I already fell off my target finish time as evidenced by the yellow balloons held by the 2:45 pacers about 800m away. I adjusted my pace and it was a game of cat and mouse for the next 8km.

They were probably employing a 6:2 run-walk strategy by my reckon. Everytime I got near them (while they were walking), they would run and I would have to psych myself to keep my pace to chase them. Frustating was an understatement in the pickle I was in.

By about the 18th km (gel at km 11 and 16) I was able to overtake them (finally!) and ran to the finish. I was constantly looking back to see where they were. There was a point that they were suddenly closing in (probably as I walked along one of the water stations) so I had to jump my pace up again. HR was at or near 160 bpm.

Finally, after 2 hours 43 minutes and change, I finished my first half marathon in years.

Approaching the finish line. #SalamatPompo

The time was slow but my overall effort, if I were to rate it from 1 to 10 with 10 being hardest, would be around 7 to 7.5. This was at a "comfortably hard" pace for me which meant that I could definitely do better in future 21k races. Just need to train more and probably work around cycling and running exclusively (no basketball in between, especially in humid conditions).

Next up? The Philippine Duathlon Series Leg 4 on Aug21 in Clark. Time to get back on my bike again.

10k run. 40k bike. 5k run.

Yup, it's racing season! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Taper Time!

Ran long on these past few Sundays (14.2km, 16km, and 18km) along with the needed speedwork and tempo midweek runs. As I am now on taper mode, I am hoping that all that (hard) work will be enough to get me to the finish line after 21kms come July 17 Sunday at the TakboPH BGC race.

Lovin' the singlet btw! :)

I estimate my time to be somewhere between 2:35 to 2:45 based on my training logs. Not anywhere near my 21k PR of 2;14, but I will take it after a long hiatus from half marathon racing.

It will be important that I stick to my strategy for this race:

  1. Gel every 45mins to 1hr
  2. Keep hydrated
  3. "Run tall" to maintain good running form
The last item above really helped in my 18km run last Sunday as I felt good all throughout the run which I finished at 2:21 and change. 


Loving this taper period so far as it gives me a chance to get my cycling form back, with the running volume lessened. This'll be a good start to prepare myself for next month's Philippine Duathlon Series Leg 4, which is a 10k-40k-5k affair in Clark.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shoe Review: Mizuno Hitogami 2

I bought this shoe about 3-4 months ago to replace my old K-Swiss K-Ruuz racing flats, used mostly for my duathlons and 10k races. There's a video review of the Hitogami 1 as below in which GingerRunner's view is mostly similar to my experience of the Hitogami 2:

Some personal comments on the Hitogami 2 based on my experience:

  • This shoe is better for tempo runs and 16k or 21k races. I don't recommend this for duathlons or 5k/10k races. The plastic part outsole heel area does not complement my running style.
  • Very stable with just enough space on the upper for toes to splay.
  • Forefoot area would've been better if they added a *little* more bounce.
  • Not recommended for use with Lock-Laces (for duathlons/triathlons) since it needs extra help to open up when changing into it during transitions.
  • I love the orange with blue colorway.
Overall, a good shoe for my weekly rotation (and my upcoming July half-marathon) but I would prefer a racing flat similar to my old K-Ruuz for my duathlons.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Long Runs Are Back(?)

Yesterday was a great achievement for me as I was able to run 14.2km which is the longest that I've run in quite a long long while. The reason for this motivation to run long again is because I signed up for the TakboPh Half-Marathon coming up next month. I set up the preceding weeks from last week to July 17 such that I hope to progress effectively to finish the distance come race day.

Putting back intervals and tempos (and actually following them!) in my weekly sked was important in order to put the needed speed back. Based on my current condition, I might only be able to pace myself at 7:30/km average race pace, at best. Striving for 7:00/km or better is not achievable at this point and I don't want to push myself too much to injure myself way before race day.

Cycling will be pushed back a bit, probably reduced to 2 workouts a week to put priority on my running. For this weekend, the aim is to run 16km which is highly doable based on last Sunday's run.

Hopefully all goes well from hereon until race day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bike Routes Outside Metro Manila Series: Bugarin Jalajala Loop

A sort of continuation from a list I made 2 and a half years ago, I'll be posting from time to time places outside Metro Manila that I frequently ride. Note that for some of these routes, there are climbs that are quite challenging especially for the newbie so doing this with a friend who's done it, or better yet, with a group, is best recommended.

For today, I'm featuring the Bugarin Jalajala Loop.

Getting There

The route can be reached via Marcos Highway then turning right at Sumulong Highway intersection (which is the way towards Antipolo). Btw, I don't recommend that you bike all the way to this route (if you're a newbie, especially) since the Marcos Highway is abound with erring drivers. It is best to drive to this route. Then look for directions towards Morong Rizal and drive straight until you reach Pililia. There's a Phoenix gas station on your right which you can park your car. This'll be your start point. Btw, if you have a GPS or WAZE app that will greatly help to not lose your way going there. Under Google Maps, just search for "Aling Mameng Restaurant" which is the resto across Pisong Kape. From QC, the drive could take an hour or so (IF you start early).

The Route

This is a 64km loop which starts off at the famous Pisong Kape rest area, kicking in immediately with the famous Pililia-Bugarin climb after just a few hundred meters of flat. This 7.3km 4% ave climb is classified as a CAT3, with Strava recording total elevation gain at 319m (the whole route's elev gain is at 584m). The rest of the route is mostly flat from there. The climb has recently been made famous by the Pililia windmills which anyone can access for photo ops and sight-seeing. Be careful with your road bike though, as I heard that the road exiting to the windmills midway of the Pililia-Bugarin climb is a rough road.

You can also do the reverse loop of this route (flat first then the mean climb on the last part), but you have to pace yourself from the start to just before the foot of the climb so that you'll have enough energy to finish.

Sari sari stores and carinderias are mostly at the top of the Bugarin climb, where you can grab a quick rice+ulam meal (with Mountain Dew, hehe) as a reward for finishing that climb. Sari sari stores start to be scarce on the flat section so better refill your bottles with water (and jersey pockets with gels/etc.) on the climb's tip before descending. At the finish, Aling Mameng's and Pisong Kape offer good food and thirst quenching drinks to accompany your post ride conversations and kulitan.

Be ready to soak up the laid back scenery and fresh air as this route offers the needed weekend respite before another Monday moves in. Read my recap of my 1st ride on this route here.

At the flat section, with Laguna Bay on the background

Safety: 4 out of 5 (the 1 being the climb and descent which you need to be very careful of trucks and fast cars, which are scarce on weekends)
Road quality: 3 out of 5 (the climb/descent is good but the flat section needs rehab)
Volume of cyclists: 10-20 (along the route, since many have stopped already at Pisong Kape coming from their rides from Manila)
Recommended day to Ride: Weekends

Have you ridden this route? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

More routes to come.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Races


This race was forgetable for a lot of things. Power meter battery died before the start of the race. FD broke temporarily on the 1st few kms. Took a pee break. And I was at my heaviest weight coming into this.

The result? A dismal (but still decent IMHO) 1:26:09 finish time which is my worst to date.

Yup, forgetable.


The good:

  1. Good amount of race marshals
  2. Good amount of aid stations (and Gatorade!)
  3. Freebies after the race, especially the nice finisher shirt

For improvement:
  1. Racekit distribution should be done ideally when you register. Not on the day of the race so as not to cause delays
  2. Race didn't start on time because people arrived late (and had to claim their race kits). Supposed to be 6am but we were flagged off at 6.30am

My race:

I wasn't in tip top shape (still! ughhhh) so I had to race this conservatively. The week before I did a simulation (6-20-4, add an extra km at the end for insurance) and did baaaadly on Run2 (bonked actually).

On race day I was able to pull through. The overall time was bad (as expected) but I didn't bonk in Run2 as I was able to manage my gel intake beforehand (1 before gun start, 1 at km5 of Run1, and another 1 10mins before Run2).

Still a lot of work needed, especially on the runs. I still need to inject back those speedwork and tempo runs to have a better race time.

Up next? Possibly a half-marathon. We'll see....

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The First Noel

I was an hour or so early for my 10k race when I entered the Likas Stadium in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. It was my first race outside the Philippines but I didn't feel a hint of worry as I consider Malaysia as my home away from home, having lived in KL in the early 2000s for three and a half years.

As the 21k runners were flagged off to start, I sat along with a good crowd of 10k runners in the stadium while we waited for the 6am gun start.

It was about 40mins before 6am when I heard regular updates from the race host as to what was happening in the 42k race (which started 3am). I got excited when I heard him say that a Filipino he called simply as "Noel" was leading the race.

Now this doesn't happen very often so I just hoped that he will pull through. Thoughts like, "What if there are Kenyans a few meters behind him and just waiting for the last km to out sprint him?" I didn't know how many kms left exactly so this added to the tension as well.

About 10mins later the race host announced again. The leader of the race is now a man from Borneo, which meant that Noel was caught and might have lost it. The new leader maybe all too familiar with the race route and was well acclimated so it may have been right for him to win this one.

Then, about another 10 minutes after that, the race host announced that it was Noel again who took the lead. Damn it, this would've been nicer to watch if there was a full video race coverage, I thought. But I had to calm myself and hoped that this "Noel from the Philippines" pulls through up to the end.

At about 5:47am, all that hoping was worth it. The race host announced to clear the entrance of the stadium as the leader of the 42k race was about to come in. I fumbled for my phone camera, aimed at the stadium entrance, and clicked Record:

It is not common for Filipinos to win international marathons (outside the country). But for me having seated at "ringside" to see this proud moment unfold before my eyes, it was just a beautiful sight: a Filipino with a 7 minute lead striding into the stadium track in perfect running form not with a grimace of pain from the 2:48:10 effort, but clad with that trademark Filipino smile.

I managed to have his picture taken as he walked from the finish area and asked him about that moment when the man from Borneo took the lead. He said something like that the guy was a veteran but Noel kept within sight of him and guarded him until the right moment came. Noel did his homework, it seems, as his strategy paid off handsomely.

Not a sign of fatigue. What a guy!

I had to go as the 10k race just started. But after my run I stayed a while to see the awarding where Noel proudly stood at the top of the podium.

Noel Tillor (PHL) 1st. Ma Liang Wu (CHN) 2nd. Wincenbert Latius of (MAL) 3rd.

It is but unfortunate that the Philippine media may not have been aware of his achievement. I hope in future international marathons we could see our fellowmen from the media support our athletes as they compete (and hopefully, win) so that everyone here in the Philippines will know ---and be proud.

My hats off to you, Noel Tillor, for running strong and winning this race.

So Noel, will you be back in 2017, the 10th anniversary version, for a possible back to back win? ;)

Go for it parekoy! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10k Race Review: Borneo International Marathon

The good:

  1. Flat and fast course good for breaking PRs
  2. Organized registration (online and on site)
  3. Scenic race route by the sea
  4. Bus service (RM30) provided from and to the race venue at designated pickup/dropoff sites
  5. Brooks shirt included

For improvement:

  1. Inaccurate distance. Garmin GPS recorded my 10k race as only 9.6km
  2. Only water was given to the 10k finishers. Energy drink distributors were instructed to provide to 21k and 42k participants only

My Race:

The race setting was beautiful with a PR for the taking. The problem was me, as usual, as I lacked the speedwork and tempo runs to really prepare for this. Not to make excuses, but I was coming off from being sick several weeks prior which affected my then already improving CTL progress. Thus a PR was not in the books if I looked at my depressing training logs.

I approached the race with caution, aiming for a constant 6:30/km pace. In a nutshell, I started of well but faltered by km8, 9 and 10 (or 9.6k if you will). Finished the race in 1:04+ with 9.6km logged. Feeling "bleh!" was an understatement as I crossed the finish.

With the Duaman duathlon coming up in less than 3 weeks, I will need a lot of work from here 'til then.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Unexpected Drop

Flu virus

Prior to last Monday, training was moving well with CTL recorded at 52.6, the highest I've been in months. Unfortunately I suffered a setback when I got bitten by a nasty flu virus last week that affected my family as well. I'm recovering, training-wise, slowly by cycling 15mins last Saturday and an hour Sunday. Still need to see how my body will fare when I start to run (target a short 30mins tonight after office).

The road to recovery begins this week with CTL at 45.8 and with still occasional coughing and sneezing. Need to be in good shape before my next race, the Borneo 10k, which is scheduled for May 1st.

Damn this change of weather.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Looking Good So Far

A few weeks before the end of first quarter 2016 and based on my Trainingpeaks PmC chart for all workouts, I'm progressing quite nicely:

red line indicating the CTL progress so far for 1Q 2016

My CTL has increased by almost 13 points from Jan1 to Mar9 ---a small but positive result in terms of my build up for the season. It could've been more if not for the 4-5 weeks of no indoor riding (no Sufferfest) due to a problem I encountered with my indoor trainer (had to wait for the replacement part from eBay which took weeks to arrive). This was also due to my lack of long rides on Saturdays (Camp Aguinaldo is now closed to bikers and riders, and Nuvali is sooooooo so far).

I am hoping to increase my CTL to the 50+ levels (or even 60) by the succeeding weeks which will make me (somehow) ready for my first duathlon in April (Phil Dua Leg2 which is a 6-30-4 affair).

The plan is to progressively increase the following:

  1. Long rides
  2. Long runs
  3. Run intensities (speedwork, tempos)
Thanks to TheSufferfest videos I am able to have adequate high intensity rides on the weekdays so that won't be much of a concern.

My Monday evening boxing workouts have also helped to the increase (about 50 TSS per week) which has become my cross training of choice. However, I've also started going into HIIT workouts whenever I have the chance/energy to do so in the evenings especially after a lot of eating.

Speaking of eating, my weight is still a problem as I'm still 12-13lbs over my target. Let's hope that this blog post somehow puts me back on the diet horse and lose the unnecessary pounds.

Ho hum....

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Race Report: New Manila Run 2016

The good:

  1. Venue was 1km away from my house.
  2. Challenging route with numerous climbs

For improvement:
  1. Late start. The 10k race started 10mins vs the published gun time
  2. Inaccurate distance for the 10k race (9.74km only as per my Garmin)


I set the target for my 10k race at 1:05, or 6:30/km average pace. I knew the area well (as it is in my neighborhood) but I knew I was out of shape so 6:30/km was just right.

I jogged from my house to the starting line which was a little over a kilometer ---a good warmup.

As I readied myself a few meters from the start, I felt good. Good to be racing again after a long while (my last race involving a run being the Bike King Duathlon last Sept 2015). 

The weather was good. The 10k runners were not that many for such a small local race, probably 200 or 250 in all (which made it easier for the "runners" to move about to get a better pace).

When the count down from 10 to 1 started, adrenalin started pumping in.

Suddenly, the thought of having a better time than 1:05 played in my head.

  • km1 - 6:22/km. Felt good at the start, but still managed to hold the reigns near my 6:30 target
  • km2 - 6:08/km. Downhill and flat. Good for a faster pace.
  • km3 - 6:25/km. There was a short uphill but managed to do well. HR was rising (max'ed at 167) so I had to manage my efforts here.
  • km4 - 6:09/km. Flat section. 
  • km5 - 6:15/km. Lap with a gradual climb. HR was at 168 peak. Still holding.
After the 1st 5km I was at about 31:16 total or at 6:16/km average pace. As I was still in control and no signs of bonking, I went on. It was a good thing that I was targeting to chase these two lady triathletes, with one wearing a pink sports bra that became my rabbit if you will. They were both running well and relaxed which made me want to keep up with them, albeit being around 50-100m in front of me.

It was the dog and the rabbit from then on.

  • km6 - 6:17
  • km7 - 6:10
  • km8 - 6:25
  • km9 - 6:22
HR max was at 170 from km6 to 9, with me trying to keep up with the pink rabbit. I started to worry around km8, with thoughts of taking a walk breather but I managed to close that drawer in my head. I ran but my pace started to go off from the 6:10 I logged in km7.

  • km10 - 5:56/km (0.74km distance)
Gave my all on the last lap with HR max at 172. Race goal beaten (pace wise).

Finish time as per my Garmin: 1:00:54 or 6:15/km average pace. If the distance were 10kms, my finish time would've been 1:02:30 ----still better than my 1:05 original target.

I still need a lot of work (speedwork, tempo runs to be exact), and lose the excess weight (probably 10-12 lbs overweight right now) to be back in my optimal racing condition.

But until my next race, I'll celebrate this one as a "good" comeback race result. Not a sub60 that I was able to do years back, but still a good start to a hopeful 2016 racing season.

I need another 10k race....

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Time To Race

I finally found the motivation to register for my 1st race in a looong while via the 10k event of The New Manila Run.

It's a convenient race for me as the venue is in my neighborhood, where the hilly route is oh so familiar.

Not expecting a sub-60 on this one as my primary objective would be to see where I am in terms of form and fitness, with the result determining my season goals for this year, i.e. a full mary on July or simply tackle halves and duas instead.

We'll see.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Everest Calling

As of today, Feb2, it is 179 days until July 31, 2016.

July 31 is the announced date for the 40th edition of the Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations.

I am now 42 years old.

42 at 42.

Has a nice ring to it.

Shall we climb the mountain again?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 is ON!

2016 training has been good so far as I have managed to get back to the 40 TSS level. It's still a far cry from my 'kundisyon' days when I peaked at 70 TSS. Things that have aided me since the start of the year:

1. Boxing. I signed up with the nearby Penalosa Boxing gym at a good rate. A 1 hour session costs 200.00 for members and 300.00 for non members. The workout gives a good burn and fun too as I try my dorkiest best to imitate Pacquiao. It's a good cross training from my usual runs and rides.

2. Nuvali. Although not often (yet), Saturday mornings are reserved for brief rides at Nuvali. A good 2 hour ride there at moderate to tempo intensities gives me around 150 to 180 TSS.

3. Myfitnesspal. Yup, back to calorie counting to aid me in getting back in racing shape. Losing weight is tough, especially with the extra 10lbs I gained last year. So I hope to religiously log my calorie intake and burn daily to make me conscious of what I eat.

That's all for now. Just trying out this Blogaway Android app which should help me blog more often.

Now go train!