Monday, June 20, 2016

Long Runs Are Back(?)

Yesterday was a great achievement for me as I was able to run 14.2km which is the longest that I've run in quite a long long while. The reason for this motivation to run long again is because I signed up for the TakboPh Half-Marathon coming up next month. I set up the preceding weeks from last week to July 17 such that I hope to progress effectively to finish the distance come race day.

Putting back intervals and tempos (and actually following them!) in my weekly sked was important in order to put the needed speed back. Based on my current condition, I might only be able to pace myself at 7:30/km average race pace, at best. Striving for 7:00/km or better is not achievable at this point and I don't want to push myself too much to injure myself way before race day.

Cycling will be pushed back a bit, probably reduced to 2 workouts a week to put priority on my running. For this weekend, the aim is to run 16km which is highly doable based on last Sunday's run.

Hopefully all goes well from hereon until race day.