Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shoe Review: Mizuno Hitogami 2

I bought this shoe about 3-4 months ago to replace my old K-Swiss K-Ruuz racing flats, used mostly for my duathlons and 10k races. There's a video review of the Hitogami 1 as below in which GingerRunner's view is mostly similar to my experience of the Hitogami 2:

Some personal comments on the Hitogami 2 based on my experience:

  • This shoe is better for tempo runs and 16k or 21k races. I don't recommend this for duathlons or 5k/10k races. The plastic part outsole heel area does not complement my running style.
  • Very stable with just enough space on the upper for toes to splay.
  • Forefoot area would've been better if they added a *little* more bounce.
  • Not recommended for use with Lock-Laces (for duathlons/triathlons) since it needs extra help to open up when changing into it during transitions.
  • I love the orange with blue colorway.
Overall, a good shoe for my weekly rotation (and my upcoming July half-marathon) but I would prefer a racing flat similar to my old K-Ruuz for my duathlons.

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