Thursday, September 24, 2009

All set for Adidas KOTR 19k!

Yup, I've registered already. I went to Adidas Megamall during my lunch break today (walked from Galleria where my office is to burn a few calories, hehe) and signed-up for the 21k. This'll be my 4th 21k in an 8-week span (a 21k race every other Sunday starting from EcoDash, NB, Milo, and KOTR).

I tried the singlet on for size and I was comfortable with size L. The quality of the singlet felt good, living up to the hype that the singlet is one of the great perks here. The tag price is P495.00 which suggests that the P500.00 reg fee covers singlet expenses, or I guess it's on a reduced price if you register for the race since Adidas still needs to pay for the race organizer and give to the intended charity (Hope Worldwide Phils).

I was glad to know that this'll be organized by RACE under Rudy Biscocho. Better to be there ahead of time coz I've read that his guntime are usually earlier than the posted time.

Once you register you'll be given the race map and a claimstub (part of the registration form) to be presented during the KOTR Expo on Oct17-18 at Megamall Megatrade B to claim your racekit.

I have to agree on what was mentioned by another running blog that the 21k race-route is not true to its distance ---GoogleMaps-wise. I plotted the race course from the map I got and the total length was only 19.18kms.

Being short of almost 2kms will definitely spur a flood of complaints from the running community so as early as now I hope RACE will look into it and make the appropriate adjustments if needed. Paging Mr. Biscocho sir help po!

For now, I'm looking forward to this Sunday's NB 21k wherein I hope to get my first medal. I think I won't be as nervous as in the EcoDash 21k since I know that I'll finish the distance. My goal is to finish faster than 2:26.

See you there!


  1. RACE events rarely have distance so problems so this should prove to be interesting. i commend your vigilance with regards to the distance, though i would recommend that you do something other than measuring the course via Google Maps, if you are going to formally approach Mr Biscocho about the matter... Google Maps could be erroneous as well. Maybe a using GPS tracker to measure the course perhaps?

  2. hmmm...onga ano. baka pagalitan pa ako ni Sir Rudy if it turns out google-maps is wrong. cge, I'll take your tip. I'll drive around the race route after my NB run this Sunday. I'll use my car's odometer AND my nokia GPS tracker.

    I'll let you know of the result.

  3. Good luck! You are one busy runner. See you on the Milo Half Marathon. I hope you prepare for 21K instead of 19. Mahirap na, you might crash and stop in the last few kilometers.

    Knowing you've been running 21K a lot, that wont be your problem. :)

    See you at the races. Keep running.

  4. Hi Jayson! Syempre I'll be training for 21k hehe.

    See u too at Milo!

  5. thanks for reinforcing this point, dude. :) i was hoping other bloggers could also help spread the word.

    we can only wish right now that the organizer is sure about the distance for this for other organizers for other races.

  6. 3 of the Rudy B races I joined this year have longer distances by at least 100m based on my Garmin. These are the Microsoft 8-miler, the Mizuno 15k and the Milo 10k.

    I think the longer distances has become his trademark. :)

  7. trumanian, yup I hope my GoogleMaps-plotting was wrong.

    jan, that's good to know. I'm joining the Milo 21k under Rudy B din so I'm excited as well. I hope may mali lang sa pagkakaprint ng mapa ng Adidas KOTR. For example, baka hindi naisama yung papasok pa sa Heritage park or something like that.