Friday, September 4, 2009

Midfoot Strike

I was in the middle of my scheduled 6km morning run yesterday when I remembered those posts/articles I read about midfoot strike running being the most proper, efficient way to run. So, at kilometer 3, I purposely tried it: striking the ground purposely with the balls of my feet.

Ang hirap pala mag-adjust. All this time I've been running heel first ---which I've read is not the proper way. It's like almost tip-toeing ang pakiramdam but, well, not really. Hehe.

The second thing I noticed when I tried it is that, well, I don't know if you'll believe this, pero I felt that I was going faster. With a slight lean forward I felt that I was being pushed forward effortlessly.

The result? As per my Nokia GPS tracker I ran 6.07kms in 41:26 at 6:49min/km pace. Compare that to my previous 6km runs:

8/31: 6.02kms, 43:24, 7:12min/km
8/27: 6.02kms, 46:44, 7:45min/km
8/25: 6.80kms, 46:56, 6:54min/km

There was noticeable improvement but not that much since I only insisted myself to do midfoot-strike on the latter half of that run.

Hmmm, I think I'll start adapting to this type of foot-strike from hereon. Less than 4 weeks left before my debut 21k at the NB run, hopefully I'll be fully adjusted and ready for the distance by then.

The problem is, I've been staring at this pic the whole day.

Parang gusto ko na mapaaga yung 21k experience coz of the nice route.

If I do register for the Eco-Dash, bahala na si Batman!


  1. Haha while I'm guessing the wifey would not approve of the poster staring, I'm happy you are switching to midfoot. Research shows a good majority of elite runners , specially those who tackle long distances are on midfoot. It's not as taxing on the feet as forefoot also :)Just keep on working at it and congrats on the improving times!


  2. Thanks Luis! Btw, long run ko kahapon (Sat) was 18.8km were most of the time I tried midfoot. Ngayon both of my calf muscles are aching. Does that mean I'm doing it right? Or wrong? what do you think?

  3. hi. i must agree with mid foot running as less streneous on the feet, and it does make you go a bit faster (di ko lang alam how fast it would make you, since it would differ din from person to person ;) ) have you had your gait analyzed too? baka kasi it would make a big difference if mas tamang shoes ang gamit, together with the new strike :) ang hirap kasi with heel striking, it parang dampens your inertia as the force exerted is "stopped" pag land ng heels :) just sharing my thoughts (and what hector of secondwind has shared to me nung nag nag gait analysis ako).

    see you around bro!


  4. hi timmy! yup I had my gait analyzed sa Runnr last month. Found out my right foot overpronates. Thus I need a stability shoe. Medyo ipon muna pambili para meron na hopefully sa Oct.

    Btw, I just registered for the EcoDash 21k. Yup, bahala na talaga si Batman! hehe.