Sunday, June 23, 2019

Race Review: Sunriser Run 10k


1. RunRio organized the race so there was no worry. Aid/hydration stations were aplenty ---even when the max distance was only 10k. Race marshals were all around as well

2. Modest loot bag

3. Challenging route of Bayani Rd AND Mckinley West


1. Race distance measured 9.7km only


Run CTL - 19
TSB - 4
Weight - 167lbs

Original plan for this was to race at 10k pace but, seeing how my recent training logs went, I had to adjust to half marathon pace. This was good as I will see how much I will fare at this speed if I were to carry it up to my Milo HM in July.

My race went from serious to pleasant as I ran with my officemates. It was chikka pace but we knew it had to be decent (without us saying a word about it). Nobody walked (except for 1 who we had to leave due to injury) which meant nobody taps out unnecessarily.

The route was all too familiar (Bayani Rd to Heritage and back) but added with the start/end inside Mckinley West which had its share of small climbs. Thanks to my regular training I was able to cope well, finishing with my officemates in 1:08. Not fast, but not slow either. Just right for a Sunday run. Note that I didn't take any gels which meant I am getting used to this distance with probably no need for mid race nutrition. This will obviously not be the case for a 21k race where nutrition is (always) critical.

I didn't go all out which turned out ok as this means I didn't force it needlessly (no injury) towards my real goal: Milo HM in July. However, I learned that I have to build some more if I want to finish sub 2.30 in my "panata" race, one of my A-races this year. I will probably need to incorporate more HM pace laps in my long runs to get used to it along with longer long runs (I have yet to run a 16 AND a 18k run, oopsies).

On another note, it feels good to join a running event after a long while. The running community is still alive and well thanks to these races that motivate us for better health.

As always, back to training....