Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finding Motivation

A quick update on my training. As in the TrainingPeaks PmC charts below for bike and run, my training needs motivation.

The bike decrease was due mainly to lack of long rides during the weekend brought about my preference to use my carbon wheelset (where the rear got damaged last month) versus my RS11 training wheels. Good thing that the replacement I bought came in time last Friday so I immediately tested it out on last Sunday's Camp Aguinaldo ride with the Titos.

The run chart shows I'm holding it somewhat with a very slight decrease. The long run commitment is also lacking, unfortunately, so I need to get myself motivated to run (long) more. Probably registering for a run race (possibly the NB Run on December?) could help me up the volume.

Except for next month's BGC cycle event (and possibly the December NB Run), I've no planned races left for the year. Another duathlon would've been nice but I think I need to go back to the drawing board, build my base better, and work on my speed (on both bike and run). Registering blindly for another dua might just frustrate me again once I struggle on my race pace so I really need to work on that first.

Yup, and loose the excess pounds too. :-)