Thursday, October 8, 2020

How have you been?

6 months since my last post, and yes I'm still biking (and now running!) regularly.

As the government eased off the lockdown rules here in Metro Manila, my run sked is now back to normal, playing at around 2-3x a week. Trainerroad Run CTL has been progressing well, especially now that I scheduled a 21k "race" for myself and an officemate for Oct. 21 ---my birthday.

21 @ 21

Yup, it's my first ever birthday race aptly called "21 @ 21" complete with a finisher shirt for the gang (Ling and I will run 21k while Pat will be there for maybe about 10k to support us).

The route will just be around the Greenhills Shopping Mall which is approximately 1.1km ---so we'll run around it 19 times! Hahahaha...We don't want to venture out of that route since it's mostly flat. (grin) 

Since we're running this just to complete the distance, I recon we'll finish this at about 2hrs and 45mins, God willing. I will plant my car (a.k.a. aid station) somewhere along the route with water, gels, and Gatorade ready at the back. Just finishing it (amidst this pandemic) is a great accomplishment in itself. Ling last ran a 21k probably close to 7 or 8 yrs ago so he will definitely be happy if he succeeds on this one.


As to my cycling, I'm towards the end of a 6 week rest period after I completed a base-to-build cycle, upping my FTP to 187 which is my highest (so far). 200 watts is still possible this year as long as I religiously stick to the TR plans that I will set.

During this rest period I was able to climb up to Cabading on two occasions, with the tip becoming my favorite respite for senti and IG-pictorial moments hehe. Seeing the mountains (and being on top of it!) touching the skies gives such a romantic feeling that the 13km arduous climb is all worth it.

And yes, I will always climb to it again given the chance. :)

Hopefully you're also back in your (training) groove wherever you may be. Stay safe!