Monday, October 5, 2009


Inspite of the post-Ondoy happenings and panic buying, I was still able to log mileage last week: 10k, 7k, and then 15.7k for my Sunday long run. Interestingly on that long run yesterday, I passed by two runners wearing the iamninoy yellow jersey: 1 lady just outside the Greenhills area and 1 guy inside the New Manila area. The latter made a friendly wave as we passed by each other. Hmmm, I think I'll get that shirt sometime. I was able to pace around 7mins/km almost evenly from start to finish. By "almost" I meant I started slowing (again demet!) at km 14-15 kung kelan patapos na, hay!

The 32km total mileage last week was good especially that two of my scheduled races got canceled: the NB 21k and Run4Child 10k. Of course it's excusable coz of Ondoy. Good thing I still had the motivation to wake up every other morning to run.

Next race is scheduled this Sunday. Yes, finally I'll be able to join my first MILO race ---a 21k at that! This'll be my second half-mary after EcoDash so not much pressure here ---except to finish better than 2:24 official time (my stopwatch time was 2:26. Btw I got the EcoDash race certificate from Trinoma and ANG GANDA! That's how a race cert should be done.). Good thing SheerWill pointed out that the route is easier compared to EcoDash.


After months of searching, I think I've finally come to a decision on my next running shoe: The Adidas Response Stability. I saw it on sale at My Shoe Rack in SM Megamall last week and the price is a steal! Thanks too for RunningNinja since he made a good review on it which btw he still uses for 21k races and up.

Hopefully I get to purchase a pair this week and break them in before Adidas KOTR.


The full-marathon has been lurking at the back of my mind for sometime now. Condura is Feb 2010 pa, so it'll be enough time to train for it. To join or not? To join or not? To join or not? To join or not? Hmmmmm......

I saw my wife's doctor-cousin on Facebook having completed the Portland Marathon recently at 4hrs 23mins. For a 40+ year old guy, now THAT is amazing!

Marathon....42k.....Feb pa naman.....hmmmmmm.......

I can't think of a title for this blog post so I'm left with Forever sung by Chris Brown ---a newly added song to my running playlist.


  1. Enjoy your first Milo race. Be prepared for the crowd. Feed on the crowd energy instead of being sucked or distracted by it. Congrats on the new shoes btw. :-)

  2. Thanks Rico for the tip! Baka mamayang lunchtime punta na ako Megamall to get it. Hehe. :)

  3. Congrats on having the motivation and strength to log 32+ Km of mileage last week. Goodluck sa Milo Half.. Keep running.. Sooner or later, you'll be a marathoner na den.. wow! Keep it up.

  4. Thanks Jayson! Me? A marathoner? Hmmm, sabagay nung puro 5k pa lang ako nun sabi ko, "10K??? ang layo nun! ayoko nun!" after 1 month eh nagte-10k na ako. Tapos, "21k? Pucha naman, more than double than 10k?! sira ka ba!?!?" yun pala kaya ko pala mag 21k nung Ecodash.

    Hmmm.....marathon....napapaisip pa rin ako...5hrs na tumatakbo? kalokohan yun....pero parang maganda subok sometime soon... :)

  5. 4:23 40yrs old?he must be fit and experienced already! Will do supporting role for Milo though, need to give back to the community after they supported me last Milo marathon (u should read my marathon experience hahahaha!)

    Will run 42km on Subic where I target sub 4:30 din. Yeah you can do 42km on Condura..pwde!

    The Running Ninja

  6. Sam, mukhang pwede nga ang 42k, hehe. Pero I think kelangan ko maglog ng maglog ng mileage muna before taking this to the next level. Maybe for now, habulin ko muna magkaron ng official time na sub-30 5k, sub-60 10k, sub 1:30 for 15k, at kung anu-ano pang sub-sub na yan. Siguro by middle of next year nakapag-marathon na siguro ako.

    I bought the shoes kaninang lunchtime. I'll post a review once I log a few kms on it.

    I'll see u at the aid station. 1 saging lang ako ok na. :)

  7. Good luck on your coming races especially tomorrow at Milo! I hope to meet you there or in one of the coming races. No doubt you will be a marathoner soon. Hope to see you at the starting line then! :-)