Monday, April 2, 2012

March26-April1: Training Week 2 of 16

I've been having a bout with the flu/cough since Thursday of Week 1 so I had to back off on the training last week. Specifically, I had to pass on Key Workout #2 which called for an 11k run inclusive of 8k at target marathon pace (6:45/km). Below were the workouts done last week:

Key Workout #1: 4x800m (Philsports track oval)

It was my first time to run at the Philsports (formerly ULTRA) track oval (or at any other track for that matter). I ran at lunch time on a Tuesday cloudy afternoon and felt great as I averaged 4:10-ish for the 800m segments. It's amazing how one runs fast on the track versus the road (I usually run 4:40s for 800m in our hilly neighborhood) so the flat track was a happy welcome for my old knees. The track surroundings really needs to be upgraded (including the shower rooms, far end bleachers, and a portion of the track that seems to have ripples). I don't mind if they increase the P35.00 entrance fee so long as they improve on it.

Key Workout #3: 24km long run (7:13/km target pace)

Saturday morning. Run route was from Home to Greenhills to Ortigas Business District to Meralco then back to Greenhills then Home. I was glad that I was able to force my officemate/run-buddy to extend his weekly 10k run to 15k to accompany/pace/motivate me to finish this run. I would've been walking sluggishly in the latter half had he not been motivating/teasing that I was slowing down. I welcome the company so that I am I focused to keep up.

I didn't meet my target pace (AGAIN!)  for this long run (ended up at 8:01/km average) but I was able to keep my nutrition in check. I was able to consume 2 GU gels, 2 bananas, 2 bottles of Gatorade, and about a liter of water throughout the run. Glad that there are convenience stores like 7-11 and Ministop along the route although I wasn't able to find Cream-O to recharge me. I'll probably buy a pack in the grocery this week.

TOTAL kms for Week2: 31km

The FIRST training plan promotes a "Run less, run faster" approach but the ever increasing long runs are going to be a killer. This week is supposedly a 27km (next week is my first of 5 32km long runs!!!).

I'll just consider this week's long run as my penitence for Holy Week.

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