Friday, November 15, 2013

Injured. Can't Run.

Yesterday's planned bike-run brick workout sealed the non-deal for this weekend's planned back-to-back race: I can't run.

My left inner thigh complained as I started off my run, letting me grimace in pain trying to run it for 200m ---and failed. I had no other choice but turn back and walk to the house ---I was done.

I first noticed a slight pain in the same area when I started my 10k run last Saturday but it subsided. It started to increase in magnitude after my 6x400m speedwork last Tuesday morning. Ahhghh...

Searching the 'net revealed that I have groin pain. Pain in the inner left thigh....check! Pain when doing lateral movement...check! Sigh....

"Prudence is the better part of valor," I heard once before. Thus, with an ache in my heart I sadly sold my Sat Nuvali Dua racekit to a nice fella who lives in Laguna. Hope he has a good race.

The estimated recovery time of 2-4 weeks was very disappointing as I have another race on Dec.1. Yes, the National Dua C'ships in Subic which is one my A-races for duathlon (the other being the SCTEX Dua which I did last Sept).

I still have another race this weekend, the BGC Cycling event, with officemate @roadiemanila. As the groin pain doesn't appear during my recent rides, I'll still join this one (the 40k challenge) on Sunday morning. Should the pain want to show its ugly head, I'll take it easy as the bike momentum won't take much effort as compared to running.

Ugh, it sucks to be injured. The last time I had a serious injury was on my left knee when I was still a newbie with a persistent heel strike.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be race-ready come December 1st.

For now, I will be having recovery sessions with my friends Alaxan, Salonpas and Omega. ;)


  1. hi sir thanks for your blog. sorry about your injury, get well. my first time to join a duathlon on nov 16. was fun! i don't know (there's no info given..or maybe i didn't listen) where the results will be posted. good luck on your Dec 1 race.

  2. Hope you can heel up some time soon man.

  3. Thanks Sly & Kenley! Hope to be running again soon. Tried to run yesterday morning but ended up with a short 2k walk. :(