Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 4-11 Training Summary

I was able to work out for 6 of the 7 days last week which hopefully brings me back to full training mode.

Mon - 6k run easy
Tue - 14k ride
Wed - 5k with 3k tempo run
Thu - weights
Fri - rest
Sat - 10k run
Sun - 37k ride

Of note would be the Wed tempo wherein I clocked 6.17, 6.17, 6.16 on the tempo kms. The pace, or lack thereof, shows that I still have a lot to go in terms of coming back to full form. The 5lbs gained from my racing weight needs to be gone to help improve as well.

Saturday's 10k was at 1hr 27mins. The slow pace only meant that I'm back to Maffetone runs again. At age 40, this means that I cannot exceed 140 HR. But since it was my first, I opted to run at HR between 140-150. Still it was a challenge as I succumbed to walks whenever I was nearing 150, especially on the climbs. When I ran Maffetone-style last year, I was able to keep my HR less than 140 at 7.30/km or so pace. Last Sat's run just showed how aerobically-challenged my body is right now. Hopefully, with more Maffetone runs, I'll improve over time.

2 races coming up this weekend. Yes, TWO:

Sat - Phil. Duathlon Series Leg 3 (Nuvali). 10k-40k-5k
Sun - BGC Cycle Philippines. 40k challenge ride

As I have registered for another duathlon on December 1st, I'll be taking this Sat's dua between easy and tempo effort. With the climbs at Nuvali waiting for me, it'll be better to approach this race prudently and just get acquainted with the standard dua distance in time for Dec 1. Sunday's 40k ride will be treated the same, as this'll be my first ever bike race. It'll be nice to be going around the metro with the roads open/secured for roadies like me.

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