Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nov 18-23 Training Log

After 2 attempts in the early part of the week to run, the left part of my groin was still hurting (see the 2k and 1k above). It was good that I had the bike to keep working out, but I needed the run.

Last Sunday afternoon (18k) I was able to make progress (finally!) by being able to execute a bike-run brick. Although the run was only for 4.7km and at a pedestrian pace (by my standards), I was happy to be running again.


Race day is coming up this weekend in Subic, the National Dua Championships. No, I'm not vying for a national team slot, hehe, but this is the same race last year (Asian Dua C'ships) that started my love for duathlons. With a great race venue that is Subic, it was automatic for me to sign up.

What's going for me coming into this race is that I've improved my bike setup and riding level (I was still a newbie cyclist last year). A new groupset (Ultegra 6800), 50mm carbon wheels, and clip-on aerobars should make me ride better at the Runway course this year. Of course, it's not (all) about the bike, so hopefully my 1-year riding riding experience will help me get a better bike split. Found out that the bike course will be the same as last year. This is gonna be F-U-N!

What worries me is my run. As I've just started recovering from a nasty groin injury, I might surrender to running the pace at easy effort. No use in forcing it but I'll see how it is by Run2. If all's well, then I will just have to make up for the time I lost during Run1.

See you there!

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