Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not Quite Bugarin...Yet

This morning I took the rare chance of biking in the province of Rizal since the family stayed overnight at Thunderbird Resort (which was quite a nice place). The plan was to drive from the resort down to the main road and park the car somewhere safe before I ride. I left the car at a Petron gas station which thankfully was ok with the staff there.

The ride was supposed to be from where I parked up to Pisong Kape and head back. This also comes with a time constraint to finish at 8am in time for breakfast wth the family.

I started 6.30am.

The Manila East road was smooth and even bike friendly as some of parts had bike lanes on it. Angono, my start point, to Binangonan was ok. It was as if this first 8-9kms was prepping me up for something...


I have to admit that when I saw the Morong diversion road climb, I just had to get off my bike and walk it up. It was about 100m and the climb/grade was just too much for me. By the time I got on top, it was all descent back to Manila East Road. It was only when I uploaded my Garmin logs did I find out that THAT was the highest climb of the day ---and I had to walk it (ugh!).

The road was flat again as I went through Morong and then Tanay. It was still about 10km to Pillilia, my turn around point, when my Garmin told me that I was already at the 20km mark, and it was near 8am. Unfortunately, I had to turn back to my start point. Bugarin will come, hopefully next time.

As I headed back I chose to take the Cardona Town Proper route since the Morong Diversion Road will require a longer climb back. The town road still had a long climb but not as inclined as the earlier mentioned one above. It was still a challenge though as I tread to maintain good/full effort going up which I think I did pretty well for the whole 700m stretch.

I reached the car to end my ride after 41kms in 1:55. It was 8.30am so I hurried back to the resort for the breakfast buffet/reward (hehe).

Bugarin? Well every cyclist here says one must do it, and I think I will in the future. That Pisong Kape is still something to strive for.

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