Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Training Week 1 of 16 Recap (Apr9-15)

As in my last post, my training for marathon #4 has been reset to last week.

Recap as below:

Monday - 1k repeats

This workout, supposedly for week4, was done before I had to reset my training. Still got a good workout from this one as I managed 5x1km at 6:05, 5:53, 5:54, 5:54, and 6:07 with 400m rest per interval.

Rested on Tues and Wed since I ran 3 days continously prior.

Thursday - Tempo Run

3k warmup. 3k at 6:03/km target (6:22, 6:00, 5:53). 3km cooldown.

Friday - Easy Run

6km in 47mins. I was on Maffetone pace mode during this run. Ave HR 126, max 140. Happy to have put my average HR below 142 (my Maffetone pace).

Saturday - Long Run

21km long run in 2:43 wherein 14km was with my officemate/running buddy. The sun was up as I ran from 6am to 9am. Terribly hot so I doused my head, chest and arms with water frequently to keep me cool. I didn't meet the 7:04/km target pace but still glad to have finished the run. I was even able to make 7:00-ish/km pace on km17 and 18 but succumbed to walk breaks the rest of the way until the finish. Still, glad to have completed the required distance.


Good news: the plantar fasciitis on my right foot has healed. It seems that replacing my office shoes' worn out insoles did the trick (weird isn't it?). Further, I didn't encounter PF pain in my long run last week since I wore thin socks with my Brooks Pureflows. I'll try to remember that for my long run this week which is probably gonna be on Thursday night at UP Oval (24km).

Following these PF exercises from mobilitywod.com helped heal my PF as well:

Bad news: pain in my left knee is acting up again. It's probably due to the high pace demands of this training plan. I read in the Runnersworld forums that most of those who tried the FIRST training plan found it too difficult to follow in terms of pace ---same experience as mine. No biggie since I'll probably just follow the long run distance and not the pace requirement until the last quarter of the training. For my left knee, it's time to go back to my VMO exercises to hopefully alleviate it.

Training continues this week....

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