Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Training Week 2 of 16 Recap (Apr16-22)

RT @JoshCox: Doing something only when you feel like it is a foolproof formula for failure. Passion isn’t enough, talent isn’t enough.Commit to the work.

Week 2 was successful in terms of following the program. Ran "only" thrice since my family and I went for a vacation in beautiful Bohol. I had a successful long run last week as described in my last post so I hope to get a similar result this week when I'm supposed to run 27k.

Monday - 4x800m with 2min rest (plus warmup/cooldown)
Wednesday - 8k tempo run at target 6:45/km marathon pace (plus warmup/cooldown)
Thursday (night) - 24km long run
Sunday - 34min mountain-bike ride at Panglao island's roads. Miles unknown but I had a great time hammering on the bike.

TOTAL km = 42km


My next race is the I Run For Integrity 15k on May 6th. I ran the 2011 10k version of this and the overall race organization was ok. No plan on my pace target for this one but I'm supposed to run 32k as my long run for that week. Crazy plan would be to make a blast on the 15k race (try to beat my 2010 1:35 PR) and do a relaxed 17k jog after.

We'll see.

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