Monday, September 19, 2011

Race Hungry

I've been raceless since Aug21 (Run United2 21k). I've become bored with the Maffetone training that I've been injecting tempo runs lately seeing that my Maf pace doesn't seem to be improving.

Quite worried that I might be doing this HR-based training method and not be conditioned pace-wise in time for QCIM 42k. I'm worried as well that I'm not being committed to my weekend long run schedule, the longest being a 23km (Run United2 + 2km for warmup and cooldown).

Shit, that was almost a month ago?!?!

Being raceless for quite some time is not helping as well as I think I'm experiencing race-withdrawal panic.

To put it simply, I need to join a race. A long one. And soon!


  1. when's the QCIM? run on sportsfest closing. not sure when that is though.

  2. Hello, hello! Am hungry too for a long one.