Monday, January 6, 2014

Training Log: Dec30-Jan4

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Bike-Run (31km ride, 5km run)
Thu: Rest
Fri: 8km Maffetone Run (134 HR ave)
Sat: 55km bike
Sun: 10km (1k warmup, 8k tempo, 1k cool)

Sunday morning weight: 166.6lbs (digital scale)

Mon and Tues were rest days as I was in KL at the time vacationing with the family. By Wed morning in Manila, I was back into training mode kicking things off with a bike-run brick. What a way to start the year ey? Good to note that I was able to focus on the run, refusing to walk on that final km climb. The pain threshold needs to be extended further in order to get better pace results.

Bringing back my Maffetone runs now as seen in the 8k run last Friday. Just need to trust the HRM and keep the HR below 140 as recommended by Maffetone. The 8:19/km average pace for that run showed how I lack aerobic fitness. More Maffetone runs needed for this Duadaddy.

Saturday morning was a long ride from Home to Valle Verde loop, my new playground. Just loved how that 2km+ loop is long and continuous with a handful of riders trying to keep up with the peloton. Met a 64 yr old cyclist as I rode and got good tips from the aged warrior who can still make good pace (and outride me!) just before I decided to cap the ride with one climb at that dreaded ULTRA hill. Now THAT'S a hill!

I ended the week with a long tempo in BGC last Sunday. As I would always do a long slow run in BGC in the past, it was good to shift pace as I set off that workout. Pace was wanting by the end so a lot needs to be improved there as well.

Need to cutoff on the food binging as my weight is REALLY way way up from my record of 155lbs from 2012. Calorie counting should be back in the program this week.

All in all, a good week to start 2014!

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