Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan20-25 Training Log

Mon - rest
Tue - 6k tempo run
Wed - rest
Thu - indoor trainer
Fri - 5.2k run
Sat - Bike TT
Sun - Run TT

Overall condition getting better last week as I reduced the rest days to 2. The week started off well with a good tempo run (4k in between warmup and cooldown) on Tuesday, then followed by the maiden ride of the indoor trainer that I bought second hand on Thursday. My body will be tested fully by it this week, as the program requires 2 indoor workouts featuring Sufferfest videos that I need to follow.

Last weekend was getting my baseline ride and run TT performance which I hope to improve on monthly. The program is slowly coming into bloom now, with this week having only one rest day.

Hopefully all the waking up early despite the biting cold will be worth it by the time racing season begins.

Oh, btw, Popo Nagtalon emailed us past participants the 2014 race calendar:

LEG 1: 5km/25km/3km
March 30, Eagle Ridge, Cavite

LEG 2: 6km/30km/3km
May 31, Nuvali, Laguna

LEG 3: 8km/35km/4km
August 17, TBA

LEG 4: 10km/40km/5km
October 26, Clark, Pampanga

December 14, Clark, Pampanga

With the Unilab and Natl Dua races not yet in the list, an exciting racing season awaits!

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