Monday, January 20, 2014

Training Log: Jan 13-19

Mon - Rest
Tues - Football
Wed - Rest
Thu - Bike-Run brick (20k bike, 4k run)
Fri - Rest
Sat - Ride (40k)
Sun - Maffetone Run (7k)

Too many rest days last week. I'll probably back out from the company football team as it is disrupting my morning run/bike workouts. Further, I need to wake up earlier than usual since I'll be working in our Makati office most of the time as this requires an additional 30mins driving time.

That Maf run last Sunday felt good, as average pace improved to 7:32/km. Recorded my 3rd best time in the ULTRA hill on that Saturday ride so things are getting better, albeit slowly, in the cycling department.

I have added in my daily logging as this is a requirement of my coach.

Yes, I hired a coach last Sunday to help improve my race times. I expect training volume to increase by next month, i.e. from 4-5 hrs a week to a daunting 10-12hrs a week(!). Hopefully I'm up for it. He says we'll build on my cycling volume/strength for the first 2 months, targeting to probably complete my first century ride before the 1st half of 2014 ends (!). By the time the SCTEX Dua and Nat'l Dua C'ships arrive, I hope to be in my best racing shape ever. The key, according to coach, is to follow the program that he'll provide.

Yup, I'm all set to suffer (gulp!).

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