Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ran in Japan

I was in Tokyo with the wife last week and I have to say that I enjoyed our stay there. The food, the cool weather, the food....have I said food already? Hehehe...

All that eating had to be burned so good thing I brought my running gear. By Saturday morning I took a mid-morning run from the hotel to Imperial palace, which had a 5k loop. Incidentally, the 5k/10k Tell race was being held on that day so I had the chance to run alongside the registered runners. As I was just on pasyal pace, I was being overtaken left and right by the race participants. I pushed the pace after a while, up to HM effort. Although I noticed my HR increasing, overall effort seemed comfortable so much so that I went for another loop even when my hydration bottles were already empty. Total kms for that day: 12km (13km if you add the cooldown walk from Imperial Palace back to the hotel).

I'll definitely run there again should we get a chance to spend another vacation in Japan.

Love you Tokyo!

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