Monday, May 12, 2014

My 1st Bugarin-Jalajala Ride

After endless invites by @roadiemanila, I finally gave in and rode the famous Bugarin-Jalajala loop last Saturday.

To summarize, the route had an 8km 4% climb followed by a -4% descent of the same length. The rest was flatland around the Jalajala road, which ends in a 400m teasing climb as you finish back to Pisong Kape.

It was, as expected, a good route for cyclists as there were few vehicles, the air was clean, and a picturesque view. I will definitely go there again.

On my ride effort, my weekly ULTRA/StPaul Pasig climbs have paid off, as I managed the initial 8km climb with ease, i.e. no concerns of tapping out to walk. Thanks as well to my weekday Sufferfest sessions, particularly the Hunted Individual which boasts of a 20min continous climb which trained my legs to suffer.

Yup, I'll definitely take that loop (or two! ) again.

Start of the ride (8km climb)

Food break at the top of climb

Just had to stop and take this photo


  1. Hi Daytripper! I live around Valle Verde area and was wondering if you can recommend areas to bike on weekdays? I also do the st. paul / ultra climbs but im sure this will no longer be doable once school starts. Thinking of riding in Camp Aguinaldo on weekdays too. Thanks!

    1. Hi Paolo! You can try the climb from Meralco to White plains. That should be near for u om weekdays and good practice for simulating long low grade climbs. Of course Camp Agui is preferred as it's safer to ride there.