Thursday, May 3, 2012

Training Week 3 of 16 (Apr23-29)

Monday - 8.33km. Warmup. Intervals: 1200-1000-800-600-400-200 with 200m rest. Cooldown. "Embrace the suck" was an understatement if I would describe this workout.

Thursday - 10km. Warmup. 8k at 6:21/km tempo target pace (actual was 6:24/km ave). Cooldown. Found myself walking by the cooldown leg because of the fatigue and unbearable heat.

Saturday - 27km long run. Several loops in the 2.2km UP Oval from 6am onwards, I was delighted to have conquered my long run for the week. The average pace was at par with my 24km long run the previous week so it was a big confidence booster at this phase of my training (even if the 7:13/km target pace wasn't met).

TOTAL km for the week = 45km

Last Sunday I played football once again (my first love) after a long hiatus. It was in my alma mater with my old high school buddies. Unlike running, football is more anaerobic (sprinting after the ball and the opponent) so I was left gasping most of the time. Good thing the game was 7-a-side so I get to ask for substitutions whenever I felt the need for a breather. Apart from the 2 penalty kicks I scored on the 1-day league (blush!), at least I got an additional fartlek workout for the week. :-)

This week I'm scheduled to do my first (of five!) 32km long runs but I'll probably make this week a down week, especially since I've a 15km race on Sunday. I'm being more prudent by not getting myself burned out from the ever increasing long run requirement per week. Anyway, although I'm foregoing the 32km this week, my long run next week is 29km (gulp!).

My weight has been stagnant at 156lbs for quite some time now. I think it's time to bring back my back to back weekend runs, even if one of which is a short recovery run. This is so that I've some burned calories as a buffer for Mom's Sunday lunch feasts.

See you at BGC this Sunday morning for the I Run For Integrity race!

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