Friday, May 11, 2012

Whatever happened to....


When the RunRio races started it was almost automatic back then that Photovendo was part of the race package. Photovendo is a great service wherein you get to look at how good (or bad) you run in different parts of the race route thru pictures made by their professional photographers. At present, races rarely have such benefits for photos (except for that effort on clicking to the races' FB page and hoping to tag yourself among thousands of photos). Photovendo gave us a quick search by just entering your bib number and voila! your races photos are there!

I read somewhere that this was owned by Ben Chan. Is he the same guy who created Bench, the clothing company?


Jaymie and Jay, bloggers of The Bullrunner and Prometheus Cometh, respectively, were the hosts for the first and only Season of Run Radio. The show used to be on the rock-established NU107 radio station, which has been, sadly, closed for quite some time now. Along with it, the RunRadio program.

The show was interesting since it had interviews with people who have expertise in the different aspects of running (type of shoes, injury handling, etc.) and reviews of races that they've been to.

There was a buzz of a 2nd season looming last year but I guess it never materialized. It would be good if someone can setup a similar program/podcast like that of RunRadio that is catered to the Filipino running community.

It shouldn't be that hard right? Hmmmm......

Light bulb!!!

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