Monday, March 7, 2011

Of Ultras

Ultramarathons have been slowly filling up the list-of-races webpage. With this year's BDM 102 and 160 editions just completed, ultramarathoners who may be "bitin" of the experience still have a lot of races this year to look forward to, namely:

April 02 - Mayon 360-degree 50-mile (80km) run (Albay)

April 30 - TNF 100k (Camsur)

May 01 - frontRunner's Labor Day Coast-to-Coast 50km Ultramarathon (Cebu)

Jun 10 - King of the Mountain 145mi (232km!!!!!) Baguio

Jun 11-12 - Chris Sports Epic Relay 250km(!!!!!!) (Subic)

Nov 11 - 240km(????!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!) Manila-to-Baguio 3-day Journey Run

I've read Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes and I can't help but admire how ultramarathoners like him manage to finish such mind-boggling-why-did-you-want-to-run-that type of race. Probably, just stepping onto the starting line on race day is a victory already in itself.

To all the brave souls who have tackled BDM102/160 and those who'll be racing in the upcoming races above, saludo ako sa inyo!


  1. @james, ika nga ni Erap nung induction speech nya as President: "Wag nyo akong subukan!!!"

    Hehehehe....Hindi ko (pa) kaya ang 100k pre. Give me a few more years. ;-)

  2. Pare ko, kailan ka ba dadalhin ng iyong mga paa sa Mariveles? :)

  3. @julius, idol. speechless ako sa comment mo. malamang kung magmamariveles man ako, eh hanggang support crew lang ako (muna). marami pa akong bigas na kakainin, ika nga. hehe.

    congrats pre! ang galing mo! aantayin namen ang iyong paglalahad ng BDM102 experience mo. :)