Monday, March 14, 2011

Will race for pinecones

After weeks of dilly-dallying on whether to proceed or not, the wife and I had finally booked our hotel for Baguio next month.

Of course, the inclusive dates of that 3-day, 2-night stay will be on the weekend of the Baguio21k race in which I have just (as in pahabol TODAY) registered for the 10k event (since registration closed last week for 21k). I hope the wife doesn't notice a trend that I suddenly suggest an outing here or there whenever an interesting race outside Manila pops up in the's race calendar. (wink)

I ran in Botak Baguio last year, finishing 10k in 1:09 after having introduced to a hilly (as in tama-na-ang-paakyat-ayaw-ko-na-po hilly), oxygen-reduced route. I hope to redeem myself in this year's edition by beating said time so I guess it's back to McKinley Hill and Bayani Road for weekend long runs (breathing through a straw?).



  1. Pare, ako rin, nahiritan na rin ni boss ng "Do all of our trips have to revolve around running?!" Kibit balikat na lang ako, sabay kiss. lol I signed up for Mayon 360, and pinanindigan niya - she's not going with me. "Mag-Mayon kang mag-isa mo," sabay walk-out hahaha!

    Good luck with those hills!

  2. "Do all of our trips have to revolve around running?!"

    Hahahaha! I heard something like that from the wife too sometime back. Hehe, I guess nasanay na din. Ang selling point dapat dun eh "we get to explore the beauty of our country blah blah..." least my wife enjoys the occassional trip outside Manila. I hope di nya mahalata kase parang maraming races outside Manila this year. Hihihihi....

    Uy ipost mo na yung part2 ng BDM mo!!! :D

  3. Roelle--good luck on your 10k Baguio Run! Its been a while since i last ran there!:-)

  4. Thanks Sir Rene! I'll try to enjoy the view despite the challenging uphills. :)