Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RunRio 2010 Trilogy Awards Night

Ever since RunRio entered the realm of race-organizing, the standard as to how races should be oragnized has been on the uptrend. Even though the race fees are above average, people flocking to the reg-centers to sign-up for a RunRio-org'd race is proof that people are willing to spend for a race since they trust that the organizer will deliver which, in fact, they always do.

I was one of the 200+ invited runners to last night's RunRio Awards Night due to having finished the 21k-21k-32k RunRio Trilogy last year. It was amazing how RunRio would stage this night just to honor runners who loved going through the pain of all 74kms of last year. And, as how they treat their races, RunRio ran this party well...and hard!

Photobooth, sumptous buffet, open bar, and few showbiz personalities were in the event (Venus Raj and "halimaw" Bearwin Meilly). There was a dance performance by the Philippine All Stars that left us all stopping our RunRio conversations and just jaw-dropped because of the good-looking female dancers. ;-) Yes, YOU should've gone to that party. Hehehe...

Oh yeah, 6cyclemind was also there to perform the RunRio themesong "Running For Love" which, coincidentally, was carved at the back of the finisher's medal that we received. They performed while the AVP ran through pics from last year plus the updated website.

RunRio listed their upcoming races this year, including the trilogy (March, August, and Nov), KOTR (where's Rudy B?), and races outside of Metro Manila. The race that caught my fancy was that on December 04: Baguio. Yup, I might be signing up for that one.

As it was an awards night, the awardees were presented with a medal and a "bangis payabang pahambog porma" finisher's shirt. Unfortunately for me, the wifey had dibs on it already. Well, at least I still have the RunRio32k finisher's shirt ("I survived the 32k..." printed at the back).

There were also special awards given like the Senior Award (given to the oldest Trilogy finisher who was 70(!!!) years old who, btw, has a 2:25 21km average finish time), Juvenile Award (given to the youngest who was a 21 year old), Hyper-blogger award (BullRunner), etc.

As I didn't signup for this Sunday's first of the Trilogy races (still on petiks mode), I might not be accorded the same awards night invitation for 2011. But nevertheless, I'll still be looking at the race calendar for future RunRio races to join this year.

Good luck to all the runners joining RunRio1 and 102km BDM this weekend!

To Rio and the RunRio team, keep up the good work!

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