Thursday, December 10, 2009

For Flipper

As accustomed after my weekday morning run, I'd power-on the home laptop and browse This morning, after a 6km easy run (beating my 7:40mpk Garmin Virtual Partner ---again! [naks!]), the latest post greeted me with this logo:

Yup, Condura 2010 has been signed and ready to go on Feb 7th. This is THE race that started my love for running, having run the 5k event last March 22nd (see, naalala ko pa yung date! ganung ka-memorable! hehe) finishing at 33:50.

Including Condura 2009, I've ran 3 5k funruns, 9 10k races, and 4 half-marathons (with PhilStar Celebrity Run as my 5th 21k). Including my practice runs, total mileage is now at 944kms (lapit na 1,000kms! I want that BR 1,000km club shirt! hehehe).

All that due to my will-power to join (and finish) my first 5k at Condura 2009.

Albert, a college friend who I saw at the NB 21k weeks ago, texted me last Tuesday morning with a very tempting invitation:

"Wana run d Condura marathon feb nxt year? :)"

With 8 weeks left before Condura 2010, my mind has been wondering. I'll definitely sign-up for Condura 2010.....but for what event? 21k or 42k?

Is 8 weeks too late to start training for my first full-marathon? If my average finish for a half-mary has been around 2:30, I calculate that I might finish a 42k in 5:20 (that is, IF I finish).


Be it 21k or 42k, it's still for Flipper anyway. :)

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