Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Flipper II

I just read another update on the Condura 2010. Race website is now up and running!

Like a kid on Christmas morning, my mind was shouting (screaming! nagtitimpi ng excitement actually as I am in the office now) as I drooled over the website showing the registration details, the Asics Expo, the nice finisher's shirt (distance you ran is ticked at the back, pangyabang, hehe), the finisher's medal (the distance ran is stamped at the back, double drool!), AND, last but not least, the 21k race route ---with Skyway.

Yup, I'm 99.9% sure that I'll be running 21k on Condura 2010. 7 weeks for a full-marathon plan is too short, I think, if I want to finish my first full below 5hrs (pangarap lang naman, hehe).

I've been reading a lot of SCSM blogs last week and if I were to base it from what I read on the Condura 2010 website, it looks like it will be one very-organized race that *maybe* could be comparable to the likes of SCSM and Rio's Timex Run.

Ahhhgggghhhh! Sabiiiik na sabik na ako to race this! Tagal pa ng 02.07.2010!

Anyway, Celebrity Run 21k muna this Sunday. I hope to finally beat my 2:26 PR.

See you at the races!

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  1. we have the same sentiments! =D blogged about this too. And I'm also doing 21K! good luck to us and see you there =) exciting!