Sunday, August 2, 2009

My 12k Cory Run

I ran 13kms last July 26 ---my longest run to date. It was part of the 21k training program so I had to do it. I finished it at 1:36 and averaged 7:23/km. Yup, it was one of my slowest runs probably due to the monster inclines along Horseshoe Village.

Today, Aug2, was another scheduled long run: 12k. Almost the same route as the 13k (but shorter by 1k, duh!) although this run had more meaning since I wanted to offer this run to former President Cory Aquino.

By the 6th km I was nearing the entrance to LSGH where her remains will stay until Wed morning for public viewing. I wanted to go in but my sweaty clothes and panting for breath might shoo away the other mourners. Anyway I made my U-turn and went on my way.

I ended the run at 1:23 and averaged 6:57/km ---a big improvement from last Sunday in terms of pace. I mainly concentrated on keeping my pace between 6:50-7:00mins/km by viewing my GPS tracker often. It was just the right pace for me ("just-enough-to-talk pace") . Let's see if I can improve on it on my next long run on Aug9.

Tita Cory, we will definitely miss you. Thank you for helping us bring back democracy to our nation.

(Nokia Sports Tracker Beta details for this run can be found here)

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