Monday, August 17, 2009

I finished the 2009 NB Run in 2:27:50!

Or that's what this Running Calculator thinks.

If I joined the Milo 21k Elims last July with the above time, I could've made it to the Oct Finals! Wow.

I chanced upon the website while surfing last week. Quite interesting, it showed the estimated times I would finish different races based on my PR for any particular race. The times below were based on my 66:26 PR set during a 10k practice run two Sundays ago:

5K - 31:59 (my current PR is 30:29)

10 miles - 1:51:19 (I hope to do better on my first 10-miler this coming Sunday at the Botak 10-miler in UP)

21k - 2:27:50 (see ya at the NB Run! Nagregister na ako last week <---ADIK! Hehe)

Marathon - 5:11:46 (running for 5+ hours??? Grabeh. Di na muna siguro 'to. Pero I hope to finish at least 1 marathon before I reach 40)

Do you think the calculator is accurate?

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